King Steven, full of sorrow and gloom, stared out his bedroom window watching Prince Samuel leading a large group of knights out of the castle grounds. He hoped the dragon would be slayed but what he really hoped was to find his dear daughter, Danielle.

He felt his wife's hand touch his shoulder softly. He took it and put his arm around her shoulders.

"We will find her. We just have to believe we can," Steven told her. She nodded leaning her head against his chest.

"What if she's lost? Or what if she has been kidnapped? And what about the dragon?" she asked.

"Then we have two things to worry about."

"Don't you mean three?" Another voice chimed in. Steven turned his head sharply to see his sister standing nearby. The woman's mouth was curved into a wide, wicked smile and her eyes peered deep into his making him fear her.

"Steven, who is this?" Maralyn exclaimed.

"T-this i-iis-"

"So he hasn't told you either. Well it seems no one in the kingdom knows who I am. That is very wrong you know," she said with a smirk.

"Steven?" Maralyn spoke again.

"She is my sister." Maralyn gasped.

"Your sister?!"

"Correct," Andorra said. Steven glared at her with thoughts running through his mind.

You will regret ever becoming king.

"So it's you. You are the one who rose this dragon from the dead to destroy  our kingdom," he accused her.

"Not exactly," Andorra mutterd.

"But there something else I have done."

" Danielle?" The king asked.  Andorra nodded.

"What have you done with her?" Steven and Maralyn looked at eachother.

"That is only for me to know," Andorra replied beginning to vanish. Once she did her voice apeared again.

"Don't worry, she isn't dead."

Steven called her name but recieved no answer.

The End

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