The Cave

"I'm... so... hungry," Danielle groaned. She lay sprawled on the ground.

"What will I eat out here?" Mue sat next to her fluffing his poofy tail.

"Don't you know that you have to hunt for yourself?"

"Hunt? I never hunted before."


"I told you I'm not a dragon. I was magically transformed into one." Mue just stared at her as if she was crazy.

"Oh forget it. Just help me find some food please! I am starving!" Danielle stood up on all fours and stretched out her limbs. Mue watched her, fascinated at how mighty and strong she looked.

"What?" Danielle questioned.


They began a walk through the forest searching high and low for any food. Danielle's stomach growled loudly making her flinch.

"So this is how hungry dragons get? I feel bad for them." She said to herself. Mue heard her but didn't reply. He wasn't a dragon so how could he know what it felt like? For him life was easy. All he had to do was search for acorns, store them in his home and have all he can eat. He wasn't that type of hunting animal.

"I see something!" Danielle exclaimed and crouched into a defensive position.

"It's only a deer," Mue replied simply.

"It won't hurt you." Danielle glared at him.

"I know that. But isn't this the first step to capturing your prey?" She moved foward slowy and catiously. The deer continued grazing without noticing them. Mue stood behind waiting anxiously to know what Danielle would do.

The dragon kept her pace smoothly and tried not step on any branches that would cause them to snap.

"Ready," she told herself. "Set... Go!" She leaped from the trees and flew toward the deer with her large, sharp claws out stretched toward to deer's flesh. The deer's head perked up, but before it could scamper away, the dragon's claws sank into it's flesh. It was dead right then.

"I did it!" Danielle exclaimed and whooped.

"That was fast," Mue said apearing beside her.

"I guess I already have that Dragon instinct," Danielle replied pridefully. She stopped and looked down at the deer. She never had rotten meat before. But maybe it would taste good to her if she was a dragon. Nervously on how the meat would taste, she leaned down and ripped off a peice of meat. It was chewy but hade an interesting taste.

"Hmmm. I like it!" She took another bite and another. Mue watched her with disgust and turned away. She was done a few minutes later.

"I'm still hungry," she said and sank to the ground.

"That's amazing how you can eat a whole deer and still want more food," Mue explained.

"I know. I feel I'm not even half full yet." Danielle looked up at the sky and noticed for the first time that it was cloudy. She sniffed.

"I think it's going to rain." Mue followed her gaze.

"I think your right. We should find some shelter." They began traveling again.

"So..." Danielle started. "I think we are friends now?" Mue glanced at her.

"I guess so," he replied. Danielle smiled at the thought of being friends with a squirrel. Dripplets started to fall and soon changed into pouring rain.

"Look! A cave!" Danielle screamed over the rain. Both of them entered it but she barely made it through the enterance because of how large she was. They stayed there. Danielle watched Mue cuddle up beside her and close his eyes. She layed her head down and watched the rain hit the ground. The same thoughts suddenly came back to her from before. Would she ever see her family again? Were they looking for her?

The End

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