She opened her eyes gradually to find herslelf staring at the trees around her. Her big nose stung sith pain from when Samuel wounded her and her body ached from crashing into the ground last night. The sun shone through the trees making it better to see. She wanted to get up and go back home but she couldn't. She was a dragon now and would probably be one forever.

Danielle lay there lazily, just looking into the trees. Her stomach growled and her throat was parched. She hadn't eaten anything at the ball that night. Her thoughts turned to Ella. She accepted Samuel's proposal and they would be married. Ella would have no time for her.

She sniffled. She might never see her family again. She was too busy thinking doubtful thoughts she didn't notice the small animal drinking from a stream nearby. Maybe my time is coming to a tragic end. Her eyes closed and she lay there motionless.

Something then brushed her nose making her shift positions. It happened again.

"What? What is that?" She opened her eyes was gazing into two, tiny black beady ones. Danielle screamed backing away from the creature but stopped when she felt pain shoot up one of her legs. She stopped and looked at the creature.

"A squirrel! I can't believe I was afraid of a squirrel!" She exclaimed and laughed. But then she quit the laughter. I just talked. She thought excitedly.

"I can talk!" She cried. The squirrel just stared at her. Danielle leaned her head down to the animal.

"Hello, squirrel. My name is Danielle." The squirrel blinked. Danielle giggled.

"Oh of course you can't talk. But I wish you could because I'm lonely out here all by myself." She noticed the squirrel stiffened and it's fluffy tail stand on it's end. It was scared.

"A-a b-black ddddragon." Danielle couldn't believe her ears when she heard it's voice. The squirrel backed up.

"Gah! Don't eat me! Please!" He screamed putting his little paws infront of his face.

"Don't worry. I won't," Danielle replied laughing heartedly. All her thoughts and worries seemed to vanish.

"But-- you are a Black Dragon." Danielle rolled her eyes.

"What is so important about that?" She questioned.

"Well, your supposed to attack, and kill and destroy us." Danielle rolled her eyes again.

"Look, I'm not really a dragon."

"Then what are you?"

"A princess." The squirrel burst into laughter.

"I am!" She exclaimed. He just continued to laugh, falling over and putting his hands to his belly.

Changing the topic, she replied, "What is your name?" The squirrel quite laughing and  relaxed.

"Mue," he replied.

The End

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