The Beginning of an Adventure

Chapter 2

Danielle trudged through the thick trees as she made her way back to the castle. She struggle to stay upright with her new body. It was certainly, a lot different from a human's. Much different. More trees! Danielle cried in her mind. Where's the castle!?

Enraged from this magic Andorra had bestowed on her, she stomped the ground with her giant feet. But then she stopped to think clearly. What would she do when she got back home? Her father wouldn't know it was her! No one would. What could she do now? If only I could speak. She thought.

At that moment, she heard voices coming from her right . Ella! She rushed through the trees but halted. Her head barely shone through

Samuel and Ella were standing there on the balcony in eachother's arms gazing at eachother.

"I enjoyed that so much, Sammy!" Ella exclaimed. Danielle felt like laughing, but did dragons laugh? Sammy? Nice one Ella. Samuel put a finger under her chin and lifted it.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." They smiled at eachother and embraced.

"Ella," Samuel said as they pulled back. She gazed back at him with eager shown in her sparkling eyes.


"I will be king soon, and I will also need a wife."

"Do you have one in mind?" she questioned.

"Actually, yes," Smuel replied. "It's you Ella, I want you to be my queen." Ella's face brightened.

"Of course I will!" 

Anger flared inside Danielle like sparks rising into a blazing fire. She just accepted his proposal!  Here she was trapped in a body of a dragon while she was over there kissing that dumb prince! She couldn't stifle the roar that built inside her throat causing her to break out. 

Furiously, she leaped out of the trees, releasing a clamorous roar echoing through the dark night. Samuel and Ella turned to see the dragon glaring at them with green eyes flashing with madness. Ella shrieked and cowered behind Samuel for protection while he unsheathed a sword which blended in with his clothes. Danielle lunged at him, jaws wide opened. But his sword slashed the top of her nose causing it to bleed. She roared, moving her head backward.

Danielle had never felt this kind of pain before in her life. Now she knew what it felt like to have a real wound.

"Guards!" She heard Samuel yell. About twenty or more burst through the glass door carrying swords and crossbows.  Danielle backed up slowly. If she didn't leave now, they would kill her without even knowing she was the princess transformed into this powerful creature.

"Ready your arrows!" One man ordered. All arrows were aimed at her.

Danielle had to leave now. Without thinking, she stretched out her wings and flapped them. Soon, she was leaving the ground when the archers were just about to release the arrows.

"Now!" Arrows swooshed through the air heading toward the dragon. Danielle dodged them clumsly and began to fly away. It was strange to be flying, but it was the time to do so. She heard more arrows coming her way, glanced back and moved out of their way but she suddenly lost control and crashed into the ground below making rocks, and bushes go flying.


Samuel and Ella watched the dragon disapear with frightened faces. When all was quiet, he turned to her.

"Are you alright?" She nodded. Her face was pale and he could tell she was shaking with fright. King Steven and Seth walked out and Ella ran to her father, hugging him tightly.

"Go inside Ella," Steven said. She nodded went back inside. King Seth stood face to face with Samuel.

"We heard the roaring. Was it a dragon?" He asked. Samuel's stomach churned with nervousness. There was something he needed to tell his father that would shock him.


"What kind of dragon was it?" Samuel gulped.

"Black. It was a Black Dragon." Seth and Steven just stared at him.

"Nonsense!" Steven exclaimed.

"But it was! I saw it with my own eyes!"

"Are you sure?" Seth asked. Samuel nodded. Steven turned to Seth.

"We cannot tell the kingdom. We do not want them to worry. This problem might cause them to leave the kingdom."

"But what do we do?" Samuel questioned harshly. He kept the image of the black dragon lunging at him and Ella in his mind. That dragon had destroyed everyone's peace.

Seth looked back and forth between Steven and Samuel.

"I will send out my best knights to kill the beast."

"No! I will not have you risking your knights for my kingdom!" Steven exclaimed and putting his hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Don't worry," Seth reassured him.

"Then we will both slay the beast," Steven said.

"Father," Samuel said. "If I may, I will accompany the knights and we will kill the Black Dragon." Seth looked at him and nodded.

"Father!"Ella cried. They turned quickly as if she was in danger. She stood there, white with worry in her night dress.

"What is it?" Steven asked.

"I can't find Danielle anywhere."

The End

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