The Witch Of The Forest

Danielle looked over the balcony to see a tiny figure moving below. She realised it was a little girl twirling in circles all across the lawn. She shouldn't be down there near the forest. Danielle thought.

"Little girl!" She called. The girl stopped dancing and a small, pale face looked up at her. Green, piercing eyes that reflected off the moon peered into her's.

Danielle felt goosebumps grow on her skin and a chill went down her spine.

"Who are you?" she asked. Just then, the girl sprinted into the trees.

"Hey! Don't go in there!" Danielle scrambled down a staircase that connected from the balcony to below. She found herself staring into the dark, unknown trees. The girl could get hurt. She reminded herself. Then she entered the forest.

Her feet pounded the forest ground as she ran after the girl. Her breath became heavy as she moved swiftly through the bushes and branches.

"Wait!' She cried.

"Where are you going? Come back!" She followed the sounds of the girl but they vanished suddenly.

"Little girl?" Danielle stopped in her tracks and glanced all around her. She nervously stepped through a group of trees that blocked her veiw. There, she saw a tall, thin figure standing before her.

Danielle gasped in fright. For she recognised the emerald, green eyes and the face. But the face looked alot older. Had the girl gotten older somehow? No way! She told herself.

"Who are you?" She questioned. Under the moonlight, she saw the woman's smile curve into a wicked smile.

"Hello Danielle," she said.

"H-how do you know me?" Danielle's voice wavered in fear. The woman stepped foward and put a finger to her chin. She lifted it.

"You mean your father never told you about me?" Danielle nodded.

"What a shame!" she exclaimed. "I guess I will have to do it for him." Danielle's eyes squinted. Who was this woman? And how did she know my father?

"I am your aunt. Aunt Andorra."

"What!" Danielle said and backed away. " You mean..." The woman nodded.

"Your father, is my brother." Danielle stared into Andorra's eyes. She never knew her father had a sister. Or any other family member for that matter.

"But why? Why are you out here?" Andorra sighed and looked away.

"A long time ago, I was supposed to be the next ruler of Zilda. But they chose Steven instead. I ran away and vowed to get this kingdom for myself. And you," she turned back to her. "You are part of my plan."

 She held her arms out in front of her, closed her eyes and whispered something. Only Danielle could barely hear what she said.

"Skin so light and fragile, turn this girl into the dangerous, and frightening creature of all time."

A red sparkling dust came floating from her hands and swarmed Danielle like a thousand bees.

"What's happening!?" Danielle cried out. Then suddenly she was being lifted into the air. She felt her body change. Her body was being pulled in all directions and everything about her grew and changed to a dark color. It all stopped and she found herself staring at the low ground before her. What happed to her? Had she grown?

Andorra laughed and vanished into thin air.

Danielle looked down to see huge, sharp claws the color of black. She turned her head discovering two massive wings attached to her back. Danielle had... changed. Into Something.

The End

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