The Ball

"Dear," Queen Maralyn said.

"Yes?" King Steven replied taking his cape and attaching it around his neck.

"I'm going to the ball now. "

"Alright, I will meet you down there." She opened their door and walked out wearing a light blue dress.

The king finished with his cape and then set his crown firmly on top of his head. He stared at himself  in the mirror.

"You look so handsome Steven." A woman's voice apeared behind him. Steven whirled around to see his long forgotten sister, Andorra. He back away grabbing a sword.

"Come now brother, do not be afraid," she said with a smirk.

"I'm not afraid," he snapped. Andorra stepped foward and touch the blade.

"I have not come to hurt you." Steven eyed her cautiously while lowering his weapon.

"What do you want?"

"I've come to warn you."

"About what?"

"Give up the throne."

"I will not!" Steven exclaimed.

"Are you sure? Because you will be surprised if you don't."

"I will never let you rule this kingdom! Ever!" The witche's eyes narrowed.

"Fine. Have it your way." Andorra's body began to fade.

"But you will regret ever becoming king."


"You look beautiful Danielle," Ella said.

"Not as much as you though." The princesses gazed into the mirror at their reflections. Danielle wore a long, silky, white dress with golden lacing outlining the neck and bottom of the skirt. Ella's dress was dark red with white swirls along the waist. Both of their hair was curled and put into a high pony tail leaving strands hanging on the sides of their faces.

Danielle's eyes glinted in pleasure.

"Oh, I hope Samuel will like it," Ella said in a dreamy voice.

"I'm sure he will," Danielle replied. But she she didn't mean it. Samuel kept Ella away from her these past few days. Now she was spending her time alone and all of her cheerfulness seemed to vanish.

"We should go," she added and walked out of the room. Ella trailed behind.

"Is anything wrong?" She asked.

"No," Danielle lied. They enterd a great ball room and saw figures moving below. Sweet music filled their ears and many tables were set full of food.

"Now pronouncing Princess Ella and Princess Danielle." A little man stood near them holding a paper in front of his face.

Everyone below turned to them and they began to walk down the steps in an elegant matter. Prince Samuel was waiting for them until they reached the last step. He was wearing a black uniform and his hair was combed back with a small strand hanging in front of his forehead.. Danielle actually thought he looked quite handsome.

"Hello princess," he said and bowed. She realised he was speaking to Ella. Then he reached inside his uniform and pulled out a red rose. Ella took it.

He seemed not to notice Danielle and led her sister into the crowd of dancing couples. How rude! She thought. Leaving me here to stand alone. She looked around and noticed Adrien and her mother standing next to each other. She started towards them but struggled to get through the crowd of people.

"Excuse me," she said and people moved out of her way saying "Sorry princess!" She ignored them and finally reached to the spot where her mother stood.

"Mother!" she exclaimed. But all she saw an old woman standing there eating a peice of cake. Her back was arched and her hands shook a little as her fork picked up the cake. The woman stared at her.

"Oh, um, sorry," Danielle said.

"Hello, Princess Danielle." The old woman answered with a smile. Then she turned and walked away. Where did Adrien and mother go? They must be dancing. Danielle thought.

Alone and embarassed, she stood there and watched her sister and Samuel glide across the floor in eachother's arms. A flicker of jealousy flared inside of her. Ella had someone but who did she have? She began to feel completely uncomfortable and came to a large curtain behind one of the dessert tables and parted it. A glass door was there, hidden from anyones view.

She opened the door quickly and stepped out onto a large balcony. The door closed behind her. She stood at the edge of the baclony with her hands gripping the railing. The balcony overlooked a massive forest that stretched beyond. Danielle had never stepped one foot in the woods for her father forbid it. He warned her there were bandits, dangerous creatures and wicked witches who lived there.

Her eyes moved to the moon that glowed brightly. She admired the moon so much it was her favourite thing to look at during the night.

She was trapped in a trance until a childish laugh inturrupted her thoughts.

The End

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