The Garden

Samuel's stomach was full by the time everyone finished eating. His sisters, Sariah and Sillia completed eating the remaining food on their plates. Samuel caught a glimpse of a servant placing more salad on Danielle's plate, her face full of happiness. What a pig! He thought.

 His eyes moved to the spot next to her. All was there was an empty red chair. He stood up but his father's voice stopped him.

 "Samuel, where are you going?" He questioned. Samuel turned to see everyone staring at him. Danielle watched him warily as if he had committed a crime.

 "I was going out for fresh air," he replied.

 "Alright, but be sure to come back soon so you can be escorted to your chamber before nightfall." Samuel nodded and Seth continued his conversation with King Steven. He let out a breath that was trapped in his throat. Then he walked out of the dining room with Danielle's glare stalking him until he had disappeared.

 Samuel trudged through the halls searching for Ella. The castle was beautiful. The rooms were ravishing and the floors shined for he could see his own shadow.

 There was no sigh of Ella anywhere until he came upon an arched doorway leading to the garden. He stepped out to find himself surrounded by many bushes of red and white roses. A wonderful scent filled his nostrils as he sniffed the cool, pure air.

 "Samuel." He opened his eyes to see Ella standing by a rose bush. He went to her as she bent to sniff one of them. She was very beautiful around flowers.

 "You will have to ask me to dance the night of the ball," she said. He took her hand in his.

 "I will make sure of that," he replied. They gazed in each other's eyes. Then Ella turned sideways and slipped her arm through his. They began to walk along the paths that lead further into the garden.

 "Isn't it a lovely day?" She asked, watching butterflies swarm the flowers.

 "Yes," the prince answered. The sky was light blue with birds gliding swiftly across and the sun lit the world with warmth and brilliant light.

 “I can’t imagine anyone who would want to destroy it,” Ella added.  Samuel glanced at her.

 “I’m sure there are others who feel the same way you do.” Ella smiled at him.

 “You know,” she started, “I like you.” Samuel felt his cheeks redden. He felt the same way also. Suddenly, Ella reached up and kissed him softly on the cheek while he stood there like a statue unsure of what was happening at that moment.

 “Ella!” Danielle’s voice appeared.  They parted.

 “Mother wants to see you!”

 “I have to go,” Ella whispered and she went back down the path. Samuel , frustrated with being interrupted by Ella’s sister, followed her too. Once he was no longer in the garden, he looked ahead of him to see Danielle and Ella walking away.

 Danielle looked over her shoulder and glared at him. They held eye contact until Samuel looked away. He had a feeling she disliked him. Alot.


The End

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