Two Kingdoms Unite

Ella's face was practically compressed against the window and she waited for any sigh of a fancy carriage to arrive. The royal family was coming from Zelda.

 Danielle, eyed her in boredom.

" Ella!" she exclaimed. "How long will you stand there?"

"I'm just excited to see Samuel, thats all," Ella replied cheerfully. Danielle rolled her eyes. All this talk of Samuel drove made her mind spin. Was this part of being in love? She slumped her head against the back of the sofa with her eyes closed. Right now, all she needed was a peaceful rest from staying up too late from the other night. All was quiet for a moment until Ella shrieked causing Danielle to lift her head frantically.

"They are here!" Ella picked up her skirts and speed walked out of the room.

"Wait for me!" Danielle called after her. The two princess made their way to the grand hall. It was a large, beautiful room with a burnished, golden floor and scarlet drapes hung beside the windows letting light shine through.

King Steven and Queen Maralyn stood in the middle of the room talking to their guests. Steven noticed his two daughters and held out his arm motioning for them to stand by him.

"You must remember my daughters Princess Ella and Princess Danielle." Queen Isabel smiled at them.

"You both have grown beautiful this past year," she spoke kindly to them. King Seth took their hands and kissed them softly. Danielle blushed and looked away. She glanced at Ella, but she could see that she was gazing a light haired young man who spoke with Adrien. Ella went over to him.

Out of the corner of his eye, Samuel saw Princess Ella coming over to him. He turned from Adrien to greet her.

"Hello, Ella," he said. Ella smiled at him showing beautiful white teeth.

"Hello," she replied.

"It's been a while."

"Only a year," Samuel said.

"Ella!" Her other sister rushed to them and grabbed her arm.

"A wonderful lunch has been made." Ella looked at Samuel.

"Just a minute. You remember Prince Samuel?" Danielle stared at him, her eyes showing she wasn't interested.

"Yeah, whatever, now let's eat." Danielle pulled her away. Samuel watched them leave the room.

The End

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