The Hunt

Samuel's feet crunched the leaves below him as he crouched through the bushes, his eyes capturing the perfect picture of a deer who grazed in a large beautiful clearing. His father crouched beside him and nodded. Samuel clutched his bow tightly and lifted it in front of his face. He slipped an arrow through and pulled back. Closing one eye, he aimed it it at the deer's body. Then he let go and the arrrow zipped through the trees and plunged into the animal's flesh causing it to collapse.

"Well done!" His father exclaimed patting his son's back. Samuel smiled. This wasn't the only time he shot down an animal. He'd gone hunting many times before and had gotten better at it.

They stood up and walked over to the deer who lay motionless before them.

"I will never miss," Samuel spoke with pride. King Seth rolled his eyes.

"Of course, son. You are already becoming a master hunter like your father." Grinning, Samuel and him heaved the deer onto the horse. Before they could climb onto their own, a loud shriek filled their ears. Samuel glanced at his father who was looking back to way they came from.

"Who was that?" Samuel asked nervously. They heard it again and this time the king unexpectedly ran back into the trees.

"Father!" Samuel yelled and chased after him. Both of them went deeper into the woods following the sounds of men yelling. They stopped, seeing a group of bandits stalking a worn out figure. A woman?

"Hey!" Samuel yelled at them. "Leave her alone!" The bandits turned to them. They began to laugh wickedly and one of them began making his way toward them. He wore a black mask that covered his mouth and nose leaving his peircing gray eyes to glare heavily at them.

"What makes you think you can tell me what to do?" he snarled. King Seth stepped foward and unsheathed his sword.

"If you leave her alone I won't have you arrested."

"Hey boss, isn't that King Seth?" one of the bandits spoke. The boss seemed to hesitate and it took him along time to reply. He growled.

"Fine." He turned to his group. "Let's leave this place." Soon, the bandits left and Samuel found himself staring at the woman who sat on the ground staring at them.


"Are you alright?" Seth asked kneeling on one leg in front of the woman. Her hair was a total mess and her face was covered in dirt. Green eyes shined from under the dirt, splattered upon her cheeks. She nodded and Samuel helped her stand. He could tell she was scrawny and thin. She must haven't eaten for days. Her eyes were cast down.

"Can we do anything for you?" King Seth questioned. Her eyes met his.

"No," she snapped. Samuel flinched. They saved her life and now she was acting rude.

"Are you sure?" Seth continued. He's being too soft. Samuel thought.

"Yes, now leave me," the woman replied.  Seth turned and Samule followed him. When he looked back, the woman had vanished.

The End

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