An Enjoyable Night

That night, after the family had a little celebration, Danielle and her sister sat in Danielle's room chatting with each other. Ella brushed her long, silky, black hair while they talked of the dinner party they enjoyed so much that night. Danielle looked at herself and Ella in the mirror. They looked very much alike except for their color of hair. Ella's was a dark brown which went excelently with her eyes. Danielle's eyes were a light emerald green which made them stand out often.

"Oh I'm so happy happy father's home," Danielle said.

"Me too," Ella replied smiling as her brush ran through the strands of her hair. Danielle's smile vanished suddenly.

"But when father leaves, I feel so worried about him. Like he will be gone and never come back." Ella finished stroking her hair.

"Don't worry Danielle. Father can take care of himself. Remember that time when Father went riding alone? Mother insisted he take someone with him but he wouldn't listen. That night, he didn't come back until midnight and we found him covered in leaves and thorns! He said he fell off his horse and got a concusion."

"I was crying that whole night waiting for him," Danielle replied. Their frowns turned into smiles and they began laughing.

"It was pretty funny, seeing him all muddy and dirty when he walked in." They laughed harder until they ran out of laughs. Ella began to brush her hair again. They were quite for a moment until Ella brought up another topic.

"Do you remember Prince Samuel?" She questioned in a daze.


"Yes. We met him at the spring ball a year ago."

"Oh him! What about him?" Danielle asked.

"I miss him." Danielle snorted.

"You miss him?"

"Yes I do!" Ella replied a bit harshly.


"Well, I think I'm in love with him." This time Danielle laughed but stopped when she saw the serious expression on her sister's face.

"You only danced with him that one night. How could you be in love?"

"I believe in love at first sight." Ella's mouth curved into a little smile. "And I still am in love. I really hope we see him at the ball coming up in a few weeks from now." They both were silent as they stared into the mirror.

"I think we better sleep now," Ella suggested. Danielle got up and they went their seperate ways.

The End

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