The King's Return

Danielle woke up from a peacefull dream to see the golden sun shining brightly through her window. She sat up excitedly. She was filled with joy and happiness for her father would be returning home from a four day journey. He had gone to Risenife to sigh a peace treaty. She was sad to have him leave but it was for the kingdom's own good will. There will hopefully be no war. Danielle hated war and wished there would be none in the future.

The princess jumped out of bed and raced to her wardrobe. She carelessly pulled out a dress and slipped it on. She had to be the first one to welcome her father's return. She loved him so much it felt like he was gone for a year.

Danielle yanked her door open but bumped into her maid. The maid looked at her curiously.

"Princess!" She exclaimed. "Your dressed!" She glanced down at herself and shrugged. Then she shouldered passed her maid and jogged down the hall.

"Uh- Princess!" The maid called after her. "What about your shoes?" Danielle didn't bother to turn around. She carefully trudged down the slippery stairs. The king would be arriving soon and she would be the first to greet him.

The castle doors opened smoothly and Danielle ran outside to see a group of soldiers on horses heading her way. She was sure it was her father arriving with her brother, Adrien. The figures in the distance got closer and soon stopped in front of the princess.

"Father!" The tall, dark haired, broad man slipped from his horse and went to gather her up in his arms. She hugged him back tightly but released him.

Adrien chuckled and Danielle flung her arms around his neck and hugged him also.

"I missed you two!" Danielle exclaimed finally releasing Adrien. Queen Maralyn and her other daughter, Ella came up to them and embraced them as well.

"Danielle! Where are your shoes?" Ella asked sternly.

"Oh, uh.." She giggled shifting on one leg.

"Steven, it's nice to have you home again," Maralyn said hugging her husband. "How was the journey? Is it done?" Steven nodded.

"The peace treaty is all sighed, so there will be no trouble between us and Risenife." Danielle grabbed her father's arm.

"May we celebrate?" She asked cheerfully. Steven smiled at her and nodded.

The End

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