The Prophecy

Princess Danielle finds herself trapped in a body of a mighty creature caused by a mysterious woman, Andorra, whom she says is her father's sister. Meanwhile, war threatens ,her kingdom as she and many other friends search for Andorra to change her body back.(a redo of my old one)

The furious will be unleashed, the masked will be unmasked, for those who are chosen will rise against the darkness that draws  nigh
Till the end will they fight endlessly


Andorra and her younger brother, Steven, knelt before their father, the king. Behind them, the audience stood, watching them anxiously to find out who would be chosen to be the next ruler of their kingdom.

Andorra glared at her brother who knelt confidently in front of everyone. He had excellent posture and such handsome features unlike herself. She was the non- beautiful member of the royal family and was unlikabe to the people of Zilda. Andorra clenched her fists. The worst part about her was people feared her. She was a witch. The only witch in the family to be exact. Her eyes turned away to stare at the bronze, glossy floor below her. She wanted to be selected to be ruler. She had to be for she was the eldest.

Andorra took a deep a breath and turned her attention back to her father. As he greeted the congregation so slowly, Andorra shifted uncomfortably. He finally got to the point of this meeting.

"My wife and I have thought long and hard to decide whether Prince Steven or Princess Andorra will rule this kingdom next." Whispers  spread through out the crowd.

"And we have decided..." Andorra's heart thumped wildly against her chest as she waited to hear the name.

"Prince Steven will be our next king." Andorra's breath caught in her throat. She... wasn't  chosen. Tears welled in her eyes as the people clapped and cheered. Prince Steven stood up with a proud smile planted upon his face. Andorra, filled with dread, glared at him as the king touched his son's shoulder. The queen embraced him as the congregation cheered.

Tears streaked down Andorra's cheeks when her brother made his speech.

"I am gratefull to be chosen to be the next king. I will rule bravely and protect this kingdom with all my heart so no evil will ever dare conquer us. Believe and trust in me so this kingdom will live on for generations to come." He bowed and his people clapped.

While refreshments were served, Andorra watched from a dark corner as Steven greeted his guests warmly. She was so full of hatred and jealousy. How could she stay any longer if no one cared about her? Steven would be king and she'd be forgotten. Her eyes narrowed. No evil will conquer huh? She thought. We will see about that.

Secretly and catiously, Andorra left the grand room and made her way to her bedroom. There, she packed a sack full of clothes and other belongings. She would run away but may return. Once this kingdom was hers.

Dearest Steven,

Congratulations on becoming the next ruler even though I was supposed to be. I'm going away for a while but I'll always be watching you. You better hope your heart is strong enough to battle all evil that is thrown at your kingdom. Because I will be one of them.

Your beloved evil one,


The End

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