The ProphecyMature

Isis a sweet,energetic 15 year-old girl has been in the hospital for years.Her condition:Unknown.Cause:Unknwon.Ever since the day her mother left her as a baby on the side of a major highway things went downhill.Not social so no freinds.No school so she has to be hospital schooled.Such a sad life.until she sees a person that looks exactly like her and well...

"So,is it getting any better?"Isis

 asked while bitting her bottom lip.

She pulled the covers up to her chin.And waited for the news.

"I'm sorry to tell you but yor condition won't get better each day.Maybe you should stop asking and hope for the best.Okay."Then he tried to leave the room.

"Are you sure there is no medicine for me?"Isis asked while his left foot was out the door.

Isis' head dropped down.

"No but we're working on it."

"Tell the truth.You've been telling lies ever since I've been here."Isis' head shot up.

"No I haven't."He said while holdin his clipboard close to his heart.

"Oh please I know when you're telling lies.It's like a ding ding going off in my head.Now don't lie to me anymore.It makes me angry."Isis said calmly.

Isis' mint green eyes peirced Doctor Mathis' fading blue eyes.

The inside of his body grew hot.His pupils enlarged.Now he began to sweat.

"What's happening!?"He yelled.His clipboard dropped.

He began patting himself down as if he was on fire.


The End

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