Yelena - Curious

Yelena sighed and glanced over at the most influential people in Middle Earth. She knew most of them from the stories she had been fed on as a child, except for a couple of dwarves, a haughty-looking elf, and a tiny and rather nervous halfling. She left the circle of seats slowly, and it seemed she was pondering something, for her brow furrowed and she muttered under her breath.

Out of curiosity ('damn my eyes!' she growled at herself) Yelena followed the tiny girl. She was quite pretty, really, in a friendly, Shire-ish sort of way. To look at, she was no different from the other hobbits - her hair, like all hobbits, was dark and curly, her eyes too, her feet were bare and hairy, her clothes were in varying shades of brown (save for the light boots), but the very fact that she was here, in Rivendell, showed that she had some of the spunk that most of her race lacked.

Yelena felt herself come to respect, albeit grudgingly, the small girl she saw before her. For the first time, she came to understand how much she had misjudged characters like Frodo - those she had thought were weak, lucky, laughable.

'It doesn't change the fact that she's too noble for her own good,' Yelena muttered. She had thought that she'd been quiet, but, again for the first time in her life, she seemed to have misjudged it, because the hobbit started, and turned deep brown eyes on her follower.

'Who are you?' she gasped.

'Dammit. I got curious again.'



The End

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