Yelena - Dead Lions

As the third meeting of the Fourth Age drew to a close, a young woman, one of the few humans present, stalked haughtily away from the circle. She hadn't been invited, hadn't even wanted to come, but had been drawn by her insatiable curiosity.

The world would end? Ha! Not while there was that lot sitting on their backsides and chatting like a group of middle-aged Halflings. They were the great 'heroes' of the time. Nothing could deplete Middle Earth's large reserves of honourable, brave and courageous heroes, willing to die for absolutely nothing and no-one.

'I'd rather be a living cur than a dead lion,' Yelena muttered to herself. The words still managed to bring a smile to her face, however, as she remembered her old friend who used to speak them before her. He had died like a dog in a ditch, but he was the best dog Middle Earth had ever seen.

No, the affairs of Middle Earth were not Yelena's problem, and she wasn't about to let them trouble her.
The End

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