Ignaceus - The Third Meeting of the Fourth Age II

Ignaceus stood up again, not to defend himself from the insults, as nobody trusts the Palantir, not after what happened to Saruman the Wise, but to continue the string of facts.

"Morgoth may have broken out of the prison in which he was kept, and that may mean the end of Middle Earth. The Palantir, however, is a tool of manipulation, as Saruman would've benefited from knowing. The user may be another like Sauron. Another one like the Balrog and myself," Ignaceus said.

"What would that mean to us, Ignaceus the Just? There was a hint of sarcasm in Elrond's voice, an unusual thing for one so wise. Elrond had seen Sauron's wrath from its dawn to its dusk, however, so if anyone was in that position, it was Elrond.

"It would mean that we could stop it. We could do what we had done before."

"That was based on luck, and luck alone." A dwarf, Gimli the Great's nephew Oin, said. Sam Gamgee looked uneasy, and Ignaceus was worried that an arguement would start. He picked up the pieces and said:

"It would be wise for you, Master Oin, if you would learn the difference between luck, and fate," And in that moment, Sam saw Gandalf, clear as day.

Oin sat down, or rather jumped, as he had to jump in order to reach the taller chairs where he had been placed this meeting. He Grumphed, something that only the dwarves could really do well.

"Perhaps if your uncle hadn't been a war hero, you would've gained more common sense."

The meeting slowly came to a close, and Elrond closed the day with the formality unique to the oldest of Elves. Ignaceus observed this and kept the knowledge, perhaps for later, perhaps for nothing.



The End

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