Ignaceus - The Third Meeting of the Fourth Age

Ignaceus sat down in the stone chair, the one that his idol, Gandalf used to sit in. He felt like he killed the old Maia to get this spot, when he really didn't even want it. As always, Radagast the Brown was absent, and, as always, some Elf took his spot like it was a piece of candy up for grabs. The circle was almost filled, with the spot for Aragorn empty, but the King would probably show up exactly when Elrond finished his first sentence. Everything had a pattern these days, and for a moment, Ignaceus felt the same way that Sauron had felt about everything: Sometimes, chaos is good. After all, without obstacles, history cannot be made.

"Here begins the meeting called be Ignaceus the Red, the third meeting of the Fourth Age." Aragorn, just on cue, sat in his spot at the percieved 'head' of the table. Ignaceus didn't understand the table philosophy. Even Aragorn himself tried to make everyone equals, but nobody listened. The people sitting closest to Aragorn were the highest, and that degraded until the least powerful were on the other side. Those seats were coveted by people who never got seats, but cursed by the 'regulars' of the council. Ignaceus stayed in the middle, the only thing that would keep him out of random conversations.

"My friends, there is a situation of great importance here today," Ignaceus said. "The information that I have acquired is not to be trusted in its pure form, as it is from a Palantir. I saw the work of Morgoth, the Dark One. He had erased all of this Middle Earth. The mountains were leveled, and the valleys filled in. The oceans were dried up. This is the work of Morgoth." Ignaceus sat down and a roar of conversation ensued, some about Morgoth, who he knew first as Melkor, and the rest about the Palantir. He waited, and eventually the talk died down.

The End

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