The Prologue in the BackroomMature

The backroom of the studio was dark, and all Lloyd could hear was the sound of his breathing. The smell of the new shower soap he had picked up a couple days before wafted off his naked body as he tried to take everything in at once.

"That…" He thought to himself as he huffed, adjusting his butt on the box or whatever. "Was the most beautiful girl... I have ever seen."

And she was. Little did he know, she was the girl destined to change his life, and inevitably — break his heart. Her name was Lilith Jewell, and she was waiting in the next room, brandishing only her high heels and pearl necklace.

Somewhere between the feeling of his throat drying, the feeling of cold cardboard on his bare rump, and the burning in his loins, he recollected the path that got him here:

The End

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