The Profound Perspectives of Sylvia Fletcher 4

It seemed as though the women’s conversation had carried on as usual despite Sylvia’s disappearance. Loraine nibbled daintily on a tea biscuit. Charlotte and Diana were beside themselves with laughter. Michelle smiled triumphantly. No one had noticed Sylvia’s entrance. This was not going to be the imaginary dramatic exit she had formed in her mind. Grabbing her coat from the coatrack, she took one last look at her former companions and exited the penthouse.

Sylvia walked straight out of the apartment building, and paused. What on earth had she been thinking? With her sudden exit, the women were sure to gossip.

Her eyes suddenly rested on her perfect escape. Never mind escape, this was the gateway to a new life. It glistened in the distance, just a stone’s throw away. The double door entrance shimmered in the sunlight, reminiscent of heaven’s pearly white gates. Angels in athletic apparel entered the building with determination in their eyes, and exited with satisfaction and a divine radiance to their skin.

 Sylvia shook her head in disbelief and crossed the street to the fitness centre. Physical health would be a good place to start, considering the unfavourable weight on her hips. After signing up for a membership, she sauntered into the change room. It was very fortunate that Sylvia had bought a pair of black workout capris and a stylish sleeveless t-shirt before joining the women for tea. Just changing into lighter clothing made her feel as though she had already shed a few pounds. Sylvia skipped into the fitness room and proceeded to use the elliptical machine.

This kept her busy for about a half hour until she was gasping like a fish out of water. She limped to a mirrored section of wall and stared in disbelief at her unaffected midsection.

Sylvia was never one for being completely realistic.

The End

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