First things firstMature

"Sure, pour me some water too, if you have some for yourself",  she heard a slightly amused voice right behind her.

"You must be Elina", he continued while Elina was still gasping her breath from startlement. 

Before she could answer, he continued: "I'm Scott, Jennifer told me you had some linguistic puzzle here. Can I take a look?". He started to spread his books to the table and sitting down on a chair next to Elina. 

"Of course" Elina replied while handing out the note to him, "it was so nice you could come on such short notice".

"Hmm...  she was right", he mumbled more to himself than to Elina, "this might take a while to crack".

"Are you sure this isn't just some prank note by Jennifer, just to keep me away from their flat?" Scott asked after staring at the note for two solid minutes or more.

"Hey, I don't even know Jennifer that well.  I just met her today, and she was kind enough to ask for your assistance, since you seem to be fascinated by deciphering" Elina raised her voice with annoyance and received a bad look from the librarian.

"Besides" she added while lowering her voice "I'm pretty sure I can crack this code by myself, it just takes longer that way."

"Ok, ok, I believe you. Sorry, it's just that this happened  so conveniently for her, that I had my doubts"  he apologized with a sincere tone. "But first things first, I think we should take a copy or two of the note. It's going to be so much easier if we can make our own markings on it",  he suggested.

"That's a great idea" Elina complied while Scott was already standing up with the note. "I know someone on the Duplication Service Unit, I'll be right back",  he murmured on his way.

The End

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