Elina, aware of the librarian's continuous stare, waved as her new friend left. She smiled at the librarian and quickly brought her attention to the Professor’s note. She slowed her breathing and frowned as she peered at it.

The first eight lines were composed of one word each, and three words were on the last line. She thought about Jennifer’s suggestion of the grocery list, dismissing the idea for a second time, even though the suggestion seemed valid based upon a cursory inspection of the list.

Perhaps he has bad handwriting, she thought. She softly shook her head, dismissing that thought as well, for she could clearly make out letters in the cursive handwriting. She squinted and studied the first word, silently naming each letter.


“L-A-C … with an accent,” she whispered, tilting her head to one side. She did not recognize the word, but she knew that few languages used an accent on the letter C. She rummaged in her purse and pulled out her iPhone. It would take too long to figure out how to type a C with an accent, so she simply typed in L-A-C into the search field.

A Wikipedia article about a resinous secretion from a certain insect was the first item of the search results, and the selection only worsened as she scrolled down the page. She raised her eyebrows when she realized what she needed to search for. She went back to the search field and added the word “Wikitionary.”

With this second search she was able to find an entry for L-A-C, which brought her to a page listing variations of the word.

“Ah!” she muttered a little louder than expected, inciting a frown from the librarian. Elina smiled slightly, apologizing without saying a word. Returning to her phone, she pulled up a definition for L-A-C with an accent.
She frowned.

“This doesn’t make sense,” she whispered. “Pour?”

The End

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