Reclaiming the RoommateMature

"If you are really interested in finding out what it says, I could send a text message and get you some assistance", Jennifer said to Elina who was amazed by the sudden suggestion of help.

"What do you mean?", Elina replied with some hesitation in her voice. 

"Well, my roommate's boyfriend studies Anthropology and he has had some semiotic studies lately. He seems to be totally fascinated by the subject and it would be nice to get those two separated even for one evening so we could do some girly things without the manly third wheel.", Jennifer answered.

" By the way how do you spell our name, I better spell it out right from the start or Scott won't take my request seriously",  she added while typing her Blackberry.

"E - L - I - N - A", Elina spelled out slightly  distracted by the librarian who passed by them.

"Odd name! What's the story behind it?" Jennifer asked while staring at her Blackberry, like forcing it to make a beep for reply.

"Well, it's a long story, but to put it shortly, my great-grandmother suggested it to my mother. It's a Finnish name. Their version of Helen", Elina replied to Jennifer's deaf ears. She seemed to be totally concentrated on other conversation she was having through her Blackberry.

"Oh, I better be going now, or I will miss the exam", Jennifer said as she put her Blackberry in her bag. "Just wait here, I gave your description and Scott should be here in 20 minutes unless he gets very busy with Rhonda once again. I hope your note will keep him busy at least for 5 hours. I really want my roommate back, even if for couple hours" Jennifer chuckled on her way out of the reading room and received scolding looks from the librarian.

The End

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