A Coded List?Mature

"I don't think I would give up my lucky pen," Jennifer admitted, "but I would be happy to share any notes with you." With her elbow she gently jabbed Elina on her arm, adding, "That way you benefit from the pen as well."

"Did you have any notes for today?"

"Not much," Jennifer replied, shrugging her shoulders. "But, you're welcome to whatever I have. You wanna head to the library and copy them?"


Jennifer and Elina made their way to the library's reading room where they easily found a table to spread out their materials. Elina pulled out a notebook and copied the half page of notes that Jennifer had jotted down during the lecture.

"Guess I shouldn't worry too much about the class," Elina remarked after putting her pen down. "He clearly states what will be on the exams. Shouldn't be too hard to study for."

"Yeah, it should be easy," Jennifer agreed. "Unless he likes pop quizzes."

"You don't think he would, would he?" Elina gripped the edge of the table and raised her eyebrows in alarm. "I really must pass this class."

"Don't worry about it," Jennifer replied. "It's just an intro class."

Elina eased her grip on the table and released the breath she had been holding. She pulled out the note from her pocket and gazed at the mysterious words.

"What's that?" Jennifer raised herself and leaned over the table.

"A note Mr. Jones dropped."

"Exchanging love notes already?" Jennifer teased. "You work fast!"

Elina waved her open palm in front of her, dismissing Jennifer's quip. She lowered her eyebrows and softly bit her bottom lip.

"What is it?" Jennifer asked.

"I'm curious what it means," Elina said. "I'm pretty good with languages, but I can't even tell what language it is."

"Let me see it." Jennifer held out a hand. After she looked at it, she remarked, "Looks Greek to me."

"No, it isn't Greek," Elina said seriously. "It uses the Latin alphabet, and it appears to be a list. Perhaps it is in a code of some kind."

"Maybe it's his grocery list," Jennifer suggested, sliding the note back across the table.

"Why would he put his grocery list in code?"

The End

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