Things lost and foundMature

Elina started packing up her things and noticed how the professor rushed by her to make it to his next lecture. She grabbed the jacket around her arm and and turned around to go to the stairs. She was in no hurry, since this Introductory Physics was the only course on her curriculum at the moment.  The professor was just about to step out of the door as she saw something dropping from the pile of books he was carrying.

"Hey, you dropped..." Elina begun, but she was yelling to an empty auditorium. 

She hurried her steps up to the door and found the little folded note which had fallen from his things. Elina couldn't resist unfolding the note and  looking at it a bit closer, but was disappointed when she wasn't able to understand even one single word. This was really odd, after all she was really good with languages and had studied several of them just for the love of languages. Usually she was really good at guessing what the language was or even making some conclusions about the text by comparing it to the languages she had studied.

Elina folded the note carefully and put it in her jacket's pocket. She would give it to him on next lecture. Maybe it would give her some kind of advantage, if not an extra credit.

As she got out of door, she bumped in to Jennifer. 

"Don't close the door!" she yelled and Elina managed to catch the door just before it slammed shut.

"Did you forget something?" she asked while Jennifer was running down the stairs to where they had been sitting for the lecture.

"You could say so! Sometimes it feels I could forget my head if it wouldn't be attached so firmly between my shoulders" Jennifer laughed as she waved with the pen she had forgotten in to the auditorium. "This is my lucky pen, and I surely need my share of luck. I have Statistics exam later today" she continued. 

"So any luck with the extra credit?" Jennifer asked while they headed towards Bancroft Library. "Nope, no luck at all." Elina answered while making a fake sulking expression and continued: "If only I would have known you have a lucky pen. I would have borrowed it!"

The End

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