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"That's all for today! Don't forget to read the first two chapters for the next time."

What? The lecture was ending and Elina had been out of this world all the time.  She looked at her notebook and noticed a very well sketched ear right below the text: Kevin Jones. Elina had been always weirdly fascinated by ears.  She could look at other person's ears and forget everything around her. This had started already in the  elementary school, where she started  staring at her teachers ears whenever he was yelling at boys. It was like the ears would have had the life of their own. But she tried to push her strange ear obsession aside and concentrate on the present situation. 

"Eh, Jennifer? Did he by any chance say something really important that we should know and remember for the future?" Elina asked a bit bashfully.

"I noticed you were out and far away at some point. I assume that physics isn't one of  your favorite subjects?" Jennifer asked slightly laughing.

"You could say so, but don't tell that to him" Elina answered while making a delicate nod at the professor. "I really have to pass this course so I can finally apply for the student exchange. Do you think there would be a way to get some extra credit? I fear that the exam will be a bit too challenging for me." Elina continued.

"I guess you can always ask. And if all else fails, you could try hitting on him. But don't expect too much of it. I've heard that other girls have tried it too, but no success. Do you think he's  gay or something?" Jennifer said while trying to hide the smirk look on her face.

"Of course, that must be it,"  Elina thought, "he's definitely gay with my luck". She had noticed in the past that her gay-radar failed her always on the critical moment.  It was so easy spot all the closet-gays in the media, but when the radar had to work on close distance it failed big time.

"So no chance of flirting through this course", Elina sighed on her mind as she started to go down the stairs towards the table where the professor was packing his bag.

The End

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