One Fine SpecimenMature

"Have you seen the new professor?" the girl sitting to Elina's left asked.

"No," she replied and then frowned. "What do you mean new?"

"This is his first class," the girl answered. "Only a few have seen him, but everyone says he's some piece of meat."

"Piece of meat?" Elina looked down, continuing to frown.

"Where are you from?" the girl asked, but Elina realized that the question was rhetorical when the girl continued. "He is said to be one fine specimen of a human being."

Elina opened her mouth, understanding the idiom. Great, she thought. Not only is he new, but he has to look good, too.

"My name's Jennifer, by the way."

"Nice to meet you," Elina replied and told Jennifer her own name.

She tried to busy herself before the class started. She didn't want to think about the new professor or what he might or might not look like. She brought her notebook and a pen out of her bag. She wrote the name of the class at the top of the first page, but she couldn't remember the professor's name. She pulled out her new schedule that had just been printed that day, and just as she spotted the name, she heard a voice come from the front of the auditorium.

"Good morning. My name is Kevin Jones. You may call me Mr. Jones, Kevin even." Then the professor added with a wag of one index finger, "But, please, don't call me Dr. Jones. You can do that next year. I'll have my doctorate by then."

The professor continued giving his introductions, but Elina no longer heard anything he said. Instead she gawked at all of his features, none of which were exaggerated by the rumors. Despite wearing loose fitting clothing, the professor was unable to hide his well-toned muscles. 

Jennifer leaned over and poked Elina in the side. "Close your mouth," she whispered, trying not to laugh.

Elina turned slowly to look at Jennifer, her mouth still open. She couldn't come up with anything to say; an agreeing nod was all she could muster.

The End

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