The Last Nap.

Accident? huh? 

Sam had no idea what to do next. He had no explanation.

Sometimes, when we are completely in the dark, we make our own light. That light is not always the one showing the right path, its the light of survival, the last attempts of human mind to retain its sanity.

Sam was mentally annihiliated. He had no idea of what was happening to him or what was going to happen. He felt tired, his body and mind ached. He walked to his room with all these troubled thoughts in his head. He entered his room which was a real mess, without bothering to change, he just fell on his bed and went asleep.

He was back in his class, back with her. But this was a different class room. There were no students, just him and her. She was standing right in front of him, he tried to get up, but he could not. Because he was not really himself, he was viewing himself and Deepti from a 3rd person's view point.

"People who pollute the society have no right to live, you know that Sam?"

"People who are not disciplined,  people like you."

He was terrified, he could hardly breathe. He could see himself and he found that this other Sam was so scared that he could not move. He just sat in his chair, eyes shut and trying very hard not to hear anything. Beads of sweat rolled down the foreheads of both the Sams.

But this is all a dream .

Yes, he understood perfectly well that this was a dream. But he just could not get up from it. He was trapped, but what scared him the most was the knowledge that if he got hurt here he would really get hurt. If he got killed here, he would never wake up from this dream. He had no idea how he knew all this, but he knew for sure that this was true. He knew that it, whatever it was, was going to end today. He might never wake up again, but this was going to end for good, or worse.

With this knowledge in his head, he looked at himself again, trying very hard to urge himself to get up. His head began to throb with pain, and next thing, he was back in his head. He was sitting in that chair where he saw himself sitting moments ago. He was himself now. 

If this was how things were going to be, then he was ready. Now completely aware of himself, Sam got up and began to run. He observed that he was still in college but there was not a soul in sight.It looked like evening time, but it was as if that he was in the real world but in a different zone. Everything was real and yet it was not. 

Its my playground Sam, lets see if you can play.

He heard wind rustling behind him, it was her. She was not running, but floating towards him. Her legs were just half n inch above the ground and she was moving towards him at an alarming pace. At some other time, he would have found it funny, but now he looked on with an expression of horror.

Finally getting over his fear (she was merely 10 feet away now), he began to run. He was running for his life. He had decided to play.

        A few miles away from Sam's room, Deepti lay unconscious in a patient's bed at Apollo hospital. Though she was deep in sleep, her lips gave the hint of a smile.

It was going to be a long night.









The End

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