Can you hear it?

Faculty of Arts. 12.30 am.

The college campus was deserted, not a soul in sight. Sam sat down in the wet and dewy grass of the Garden and began to ponder over the recent events.                                                                                                        The time in the hospital had been a relief, he had accompanied his mom to the Railway Station, last evening, she had known all along that something was seriously wrong with him, and she had asked him several times of what it was that was troubling him. He could not tell her, he could not tell anyone. And just as the train began to roll, she said to him " Whatever it is son, don't let it get u". He watched the train till it became a little spec of black. He knew he should have told her, but he did not.

  The Nokia Standard ringtone sounded like heavy-metal playing in the deserted night, he fumbled for his phone, took it out of his pocket and looked at the screen. 

991147219* calling.

He had never seen that number before, and who the hell could be calling at one in the morning. Hesitantly, he pressed the green button and put the phone to his ear.

"Hello, am I speaking to Sam?"

He knew it was her, beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, as a chilly gust of air blew by, making the hair on the back of his neck stand up. But he knew he had to speak, he knew if he did not, he will go crazy.Say something you coward!

"who ...... who is this?"

"You know very well who I am Sam, the point is do you know who you are?"

"What... what you mean?"

"Lets not pretend anymore Sam, you have to stop, and now."

Now this was getting stupid, and he found himself getting a little angry which helped him overcome his fear a little.

"I have no idea what are you barking about, and if you think I am one iota afraid of you, Then you are SO WRONG!" screamed Sam.

This outburst startled Sam himself , and may be she was too, because she paused for 5 long seconds before answering him.

" Look ,I have no idea how you do it,  but your little tricks don't scare me."

Now Sam was thoroughly confused, this was going nowhere, what little tricks was she talking about?

" So you better stop right now, or this won't end up good for you."

"Stop WHAT???"  screamed Sam.

" Stop screaming in my head you little Bastard!"

 Sam was stunned.

" I have not slept one minute without hearing you barking ' Present Ma'am. Present Ma'am'  in my head. Why don't you just KILL ME!!" she screamed.

Sam could hear her sobbing loudly on the phone. He listened to it, not listening at all. 

"We have to meet", he said.

The End

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