The Voice begins.

Authentic......... Exaggeration......... Conditions............ It is remarkable............ QUOTE UNQUOTE.............

The soft female voice was speaking again in its usual sing song tone, it was getting louder by the second. 

"SHUT UP!", Sam screamed as he woke up. He sat up on his bed, beads of sweat were rolling down his forehead. He picked up the water bottle on the bedside table and gulped down half of the water in it. He looked at the clock hanging on the wall, it was 2.30 a.m. He tried to drag himself back to sleep, he just could not.

Samrajya Mathur, Sam to his friends, was a first year French honors BA student at the University of Delhi. He took his classes at The Arts Faculty. College had been welcome change from the monotonous school life. He had even taken up a room nearby the Arts Faculty and living alone had brought whole new vistas of freedom in his life. He was enjoying every bit of it. Getting up, dressing up for college, walking the famous North Campus streets which were surrounded by trees on his way to college, his classes, it was all great fun.

Until he sat in his first Individual and Society class. It was the beginning of  the end. Individual and Society was one of his subjects, he had chosen the subject as it concerned Racism , Castism and Gender related issues. He had expected the classes to be quite interesting, but he was in for a rude shock.

There are some teachers who are just brilliant, the teachers that inspire and whom the students idolize . There are some who are not competent enough, they are hated by the students if they try to be strict but are accepted if they are fun enough. There are some teachers who are plain and good boring. They come to the class like robots teach like they have been teaching since eternity and leave.

Deepti, the individual n society teacher, fell into none of these categories, or at least Sam thought so. She was around 27-28 years old, short and slim, quite fair and had sharp features, her black hair were shoulder lenght. She usually wore a saree, may be to look a bit mature, anyone could mistake her for a student if she roamed around in anything but a saree.        

As she walked in the class, for her first class with the new batch, there were some wolf whistles from the back benchers , which she ignored, but a hint of smile flashed on her face. Or maybe Sam imagined it. Any ways, Sam knew for a fact that those back benchers will be sitting here for many years to come.

She began the class by giving them an overview of what topics they will be covering throughout the year. Her voice was a little nasal but loud, and she spoke quite slowly and clearly.

"We shall cover these topics and will have in depth discussions on them. I would really appreciate your views regarding these issues." 

Sam found her speaking some words really longishly an d loopily. Appreeeeciate.............. Spooontaaaiiiniouuus............ i compleeetelyy agreeee...........

He found this a little irritating, he noticed that she said the same sentence or word twice or thrice in different ways.                                                                                                                                                            " U must understand, ....comprehend rather , the situations , the conditiiiioones in which theey liiiivvved. I would not be exxaaaggerating much if I say, the condition, the situation, was inhuman, they were treated like animaaals, not like prooper human beings should be treated."  

Sam was getting a little irritated now, the lack of real substance in her words was just a part, but the manner in which she was saying them was getting to his nerves.

At last the class ended, he left the classroom and walked, he felt some sort of vibration in his head, the sort of buzzing sound that you hear when you are hearing very loud music and are suddenly plunged into pin drop silence.

He walked to the garden adjacent to the faculty sat on a bench,a girl was sitting there too. She was texting away to glory and her fingers moved on the keypad of her cell phone like the legs of a spider. Sam sat next to her and took out his copy of Silence of the lambs and stared reading.

Emphaaciiise........... Quote Unqoute.............

"Hey", "Did you say something?" Sam said turning to the girl sitting next to him. The bench was deserted. He looked at his wrist watch, he had been sitting there for 3 hours.


The End

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