We all have had teachers who we hated, but as time goes by, we forget them. But what if one of them gets into your head?


She was beyond pain now, she had no idea where she was. All she knew was that she was in this semi dark room that smelled of old paper. She could smell her own blood, half dried on her face. There were throbbing waves of pain in her head, but she could not summon up the courage to feel her head and discover the intensity of her wounds.

 She tried to remember , more throbs rippled across her head, she saw flashes ..... she  was teaching in her morning class............... returning to the parking lot............. getting inside her car........ then those words from behind her back " Bonjour Madame",............ blackness.

She tried getting up, but could not. She felt a wall right behind her and straightened her back up against the wall. Then suddenly, Light flooded in and blinded her, as some one banged opened a door right in front of her.

A dark figure entered, she could not see his face, but he saw hers, a face full of terror. As he began to move towards her, he mouthed the words again "Bonjour Madame".

The End

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