The ProfessorMature

Elina, a 25-year-old linguistics major, takes a boring mandatory course which changes her life for good.

"Oppi johtaa kohtaloosi, oppinut iättömyyteesi"

Those words again. They had their habit of coming to Elina's mind on the weirdest occasions. She pushed her great-grandmother's last words aside and her mind was filled with mixture of worry, anxiety and boredom instead. How could you know you should have your mandatory science course passed before you could apply for student exchange? Well to be honest, it seemed that everyone else knew that, but Elina must had been daydreaming while they passed down that information.

Just two minutes ago she had been at dean's office, making a panic decision. She wouldn't let a minor detail like this to stop her from fulfilling her dream. So which science course would start the soonest? 8A Introductory Physics in 1 Pimentel, starting in 5 minutes! Well the positive thing is that at least she wouldn't have time to worry about it in advance.

She caught her breath as she arrived to the door. She checked the name of the building and was relieved to see it match the writing on the paper she had been given.  Just a deep breath, and she opened the door. Elina had expected it to be a small and cosy little class-room, but she was clearly mistaken. 1 Pimentel was more like a hall with 500 seats or more. " Oh God, this doesn't look promising", Elina thought.  There was only a handful of students. There was no way to hide if the professor would be a challenging one.

Elina tried to find a perfect seat. She wouldn't want to stand out of the crowd by taking the seat from the back-row. Neither would she be picking the front seat, because that would give a totally wrong impression of her physics skills. Halfway is safe, she thought. She left couple seats free before the next student, and sat down.

The End

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