Meet Sadolpha

A school for those who are raised from the day they were born to fight monsters. Also, if anyone has any ideas for the title, it would be much appreciated :)

Hi there! I'm Sadolpha. Yeah, probably not the name you were expecting, but we can't all be the great proeliator Caesus. 

But anyways, welcome to the Academy! Most just call it WA, though.

'Warrior Academy'. Basically, this place.

We're here to fight monsters. Not the type you're probably expecting, either, but I'm full of unexpected things. Remember the name? I mean, who calls their child 'Sadolpha'?

I get the fact that 'Adolpha' means 'noble wolf', but was the 's' really necessary? 

But yeah. Back to the monsters. We're not all brawn, so we have different ways of fighting. Mind power, physical strength, soul wisdom, whatever works for you.

In this world, if you don't know how to fight some way or another, you're dead.

I've watched a lot of people die.

The End

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