Ryan Goll is trying to direct the perfect performance of Peter Pan. But when his cast start acting weird, then disappearing altogether, perfect seems awfully far out of reach.

"Hey Ry. We've lost one of the lost children."  Next to me, Lucy smiled at her own joke and sat down. I sighed. Out of the six, there was always at least 1 missing every time we rehearsed. Never trust a 14 year old.
"Okay, we'll have to make do. Is anyone else missing?" She shook her head. Thank god.

As the first scene started, I checked my phone discreetly. No texts. But then again, I thought, who was I expecting a text from? My ex? No. She would never text me. She made it clear that she never wanted to see me again. I fixed my mind onto other things, like this production. At 20, I wasn't the type you would expect to be the director of such a thing, a professional play on a big stage.

But I was. I smiled, letting my pride fill me a little. My co-director wasn't exactly the type either, 25 years old. But Lucy was different, she'd been brought up in a rich, theater loving family so she had always been performing and directing. Her bright blonde hair caught my eye next to me and I found myself looking at her, memorizing every feature of her face like my life depended on it. She turned suddenly, and I smiled and looked away, cursing to myself. I knew that front would probably never work out, as I'd asked her out before and she had simply avoided it by changing the subject.

There was a clatter on stage. The girl playing Wendy, Alice, had knocked over a chair. She stopped and looked straight at me, with her curious green eyes that seemed to see straight through you and into your soul. I shook myself out of the trance her stare gave.

"Alice, if you knock something over, do just carry on. Try not to though?" I called to her and she smiled a sweet smile and me before carrying on.

"You stared at her for a long time you know.." Lucy lent in close to me, questioning.

I turned and nervously smiled, "Yes. Sorry, I was miles away." I didn't tell her the truth, of how I was thinking about the way her eyes seemed to read your thoughts.

The silence on stage indicated the scene had ended. Lucy stood up, and called, "Okay, lets run through that again just to iron out the mistakes. Okay?" The actors drooped a little but moved back to their initial positions. I found myself watching Alice again, yet feeling the curve of Lucy's hip brushing my shoulder. These seats were very close together. I shook myself -

Pull yourself together Ryan!

A voice shouted in my head. Peter Pan was going okay. So far.


What I didn't realise, was how very soon it would all change...

The End

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