Am I ready for this ?

Meeting the parents is a huge step in anybody's relationships. Even if it is only his mom it's still someone. She would report back to his father about the girl her precious son was dating. I had half the day to prepare myself for my murder as we drove out to the beautiful mountains and sat in the back of his truck looking out at the amazing view of the town below our feet.

" What are you thinking ? "

" I'm terrified for meeting your mom later, but right now I'm happy. How about you ? ".

" Happy. Excited. Here let's take a picture ".

He pulled out a camera and we sat closer together smiling into the camera, Happy.

" I'll get one printed for you too ".

" Thanks ". I smiled.

We got into his truck and began to make our journey to his house. Which I imagined to be massively huge. Big suprise. My guesses were correct. It was huge. Even though it was massively huge, it was beautiful. An amazing architectural creation.

I'll admit I was scared. Terrified even. I mean what if Freddy was a total Mommy's boy and if she didn't like someone he got rid of her? I don't think I could handle losing him like that. I'd rather he dumped me for something real and sane. I was going to have to get it over with anyway so I might as well get one half of the parents done today. I was going to try my hardest to impress her , which might be hard since I'm sure all his previous girlfriends were probably amazingly beautiful and rich. That was a tough line of girls to follow and live up to.

" Mom, this is Becca, Becca this is my Mom Ellen Donovan ".

" Mrs Donovan it's amazing to finally meet you ".

" Oh no dear the pleasure is all mine, do you realise just how much this boy talks about you ? ".

" No I don't have a clue ". I laughed and she joined in too, this was going good now just try to talk smart and kindly. Do not upset her in her own home.

We talked for hours on their balcony. Drinking lemonade and tea and eating all types of food. Freddy even left us alone for a bit, while he played football with his 14 year old brother, Spencer. I was introduved to his 11 year old sister Mia. She was amazingly cute. I liked her.

" Hey Mia do you like my girlfriend ? ".

" She's better than the others ".

" Mia, that is an awful thing to say, apologise to Becca now ! ".

" It's okay really Mrs. Donovan ".

" No it's not babe, she needs to learn to be nicer to house guests. Mom I'm gonna go hang out with Becca for a while then I'll drive her home and I'll be home by 11 ".

" Okay honey. It was lovely to meet you Becca ".

" You too Mrs. Donovan ".

We got to the car. We laughed at what his siter had said after he argued that he would one day get her to apologise to me. I wasn't that too bothered about it anyway.

" I like them. Especially your Mom. She's everything I wished my Mom had been growing up ".

" Your Mom is great too, don't forget everything she went through to get where she is now Becca ".

" Your right, I should be kinder to her ".

" Ha kinder? Try grateful for raising such an amazing girl ".

" I can't wait to meet your Dad, if he's great too then your family is like a cupcake ".

" What about my annoying, rude and mean little sister ? ".

" Every guy has the sister that doesn't want to see her big brother have a girlfriend, it's only natural ".

" Yeah whatever, I still say she has her own world domination plot hidden in the basement.

I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. We drove out to our place in the mountains beside the lake we had spent this morning at. It was so beautiful out here and we sat in his car, Talked. Made out. Talked. Made out some more. Oh and ralked for hours. He tried his best to explain the rules of football to me but I couldn't process everything he was telling me. Then he drove me home and kissed my goodnight at my door like the amazing boyfriend he was. I watched him drive away and then I strolled into the kitchen with an enormous grin on my face. My mother couldn't get why I was so happy.

My aunt picked her up a little while later, a week without her. She really likes leaving every few days.

I was sitting at the kitchen table when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It frightened me at first but then I realised what it was .

Hello ?

Hey babes what's up ?

It was Freddy.

Hey I'm good, did you get home okay ?

I'm not at home.

Where are you then ?

In your room !

WHHAAAT?? What are you doing in my room.

I ran outside the kitchen and still talking through the phone, while running up the stairs.

Well I told my Mom that I was driving over and staying at Trevor's so I can stay the night with you.

I ran into my bedroom. He wasn't lying. There he was sitting on my bed looking all..........Hot ! Yes that sounds really slutty but he was.

" What are you doing here ? ".

" I wanted to stay with you tonight ".

" Listen Freddy , I'm not ready for that yet, I'm sorry but I just can't ".

He leaned he quickly before I could stop him and kissed me softly but even though it was softly it was still amazing.

" I wasn't talking about that .

You mentioned last week that your Mom was going away with your aunt again so I thought I could stay, it's not s school night. We can just you know watch a movie or two, make out a little and then just talk ".

" Oohhh ! Okay I feel stupid ".

" Don't feel stupid, it did seem like that and I'm sorry, I don't want to pressure you. So whenever your ready I am. I can wait ".

" Are you sure ? ".

He just smiled at me and I knew everything was going to be ok.

The next day I decided to suprise him at his house like he likes to suprise me. I drove the 20 minute drive to his huge mansion on the outskirts of the town. I had only realised that I didn't see his Dad, or even a picture the last time I was there, maybe he would be home this time. I drove up the driveway and he must have seen me coming because he ran down to the car and asked me if I was okay, I told him I was fine and that I just wanted to see him....

" Hey my Dad's home now you can finally meet him, ".

" Really cool I was just thinking on the way over that I can't wait to meet your Dad !".

" Cool come on ".

We walked in the door and I could hear the piano being played beautifully, I remembered the song from somewhere but I couldn't remember where, I wish I knew what my memory was about but I just couldn't put my finger on it .

As we approached the dining room where the grand piano sat, Freddy gripping my hand smiling at me, it dawned on me. I knew that song from when I was learning the piano. My dad would play it to me to show how great he was teasing me saying that I would never be as great and then I would try to play what he just had but never succeeded. I felt my mouth suddenly drop. Freddy looked at me.

" What's wrong, ? "

" I know that song ".

" Cool did you hear it online or something, that's my Dad playing hey Dad ".

He turned around and yep as usually I was right.

" Freddy that's my Dad's song that he wrote " And as he turned around I blurted out

" That's my Dad ".

Freddy just looked shocked as did OUR Dad, I quickly let go of his hand as my Dad's eyes travelled down to them.

" Becca ? ". He walked towards me as in a hug gesture.

" Get away from me, what the hell is going on ? ".

Freddy just stared at his father in shock,

" That's what I'd like to know too ".

My Dad looked at us both and went on the try to explain.

" Well you see son Becca is my daughter but I left her and her mother for you and Mom, I kept you secret to where I was always going but your Mom didn't mind as long as I would always be with her in the end. But then your mother began to get impatient and Becca, Mom was getting out of control I couldn't handle her anymore, and of course your brother and all the trouble he got himself into ".

" So let me get this straight you had two kids with Mom, and another kid with some woman, who I like alot and then when she started to get possesive about you having two families you used Mom's mental health as an excuse to leave us. You do know that day she tried to kill herself, and what about the note! You never came back to get me and now I'm stuck taking care of Mom until she goes on her trip to visit Aunt Sarah, Travis doesn't care and all so you could live a happy cushy rich life while we suffered ? ".

My Dad looked at me with sadness in his eyes as if he was shocked and hurt at what I had just said.

" That's not how it happened exactly."

" Well that's the way we heard it, so all this time I thought that my new boyfriend was great I was actually making out with my BROTHER! That is sick !".

Freddy ran to the bathroom and I could hear him getting sick. He put his hand out to comfort me.

" Don't ever come near me OR my family ever again you hear me " I screamed at him and then ran for the door crying my eyes out, just as I opened the door Freddy's Mom was standing there.

" Hi there honey, would you like to stay for dinner, I know Freddy would love that ".

" Yeah , I'll pass thanks " I said sarcastically.

" What's wrong, have you two had a little fight or something ?".

" Go ask your perfect husband ".

I pushed past her and ran for the car. I just drove, I didn't know where I was going I just knew I wasn't going home. I couldn't stand to be anywhere my father had breathed. It was only then I really thought of the whole me and Freddy situation and I admit I puked too. I was sitting on a rock by the lake and puking my guts up when a friendly hand scooped up my hair and held it for me. When I'd stopped he was patting my back, I didn't know who it was so I turned to see...

" Freddy, stop that ".

" What making you feel better ".

" No your making me feel worse now stop rubbing my back like that it's weird ".


" I didn't know we were related last night DID I ? ". I screamed in response.

He just looked at me and then repeatedly apologised. I understood what he was going through, we were both confused but we both knew that what we had was now gone, our being siblings had opened our eyes to the sick things in the world. We just sat there without saying a word, how was I ever going to be comfortable around him, I'm sure he was thinking the same thing.

" What happened when your Mom came inside ?".

" She asked Dad what was going on and why the hell I was puking and when he told her she almost fainted, I remember her words exactly ...Oh those poor kids, how could you do this to them ! You told me Leanne and the kids were long gone ! "

I guessed in my mind that he lied to them alot. He looked over to me again.
" They're getting some counsellor to talk to about their issues ".

I still didn't know what to say, then it dawned on me .

" What are people in school going to think ? ".

" We'll deal with that as it comes, right now I just want to be here for my sister ". He smiled at and I smiled back at his cute face, but I wasn't thinking of him in a weird girlfriend way anymore, just as a sister.

The End

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