Ruby dropped me off on her way home this morning! The sleepover was super fun. We watched my favourite movies, which were theirs too and we just sat and talked. I told them about my Dad leaving which they admitted they already knew, that everybody knew. I changed the subject then to Freddy. I told them everything from that first day in school and how it progressed and how he admitted to liking me after 5 minutes in the car. They all thought it was so sweet and they even admitted I was happier in general since I'd met him. I guess that even though it was all those years ago I was still bitter and holding a grudge against my absent father for not being around.

Anyway I told them about our first offical kiss and then the amazing one in the kitchen and how I thought I was falling for him, even though I knew it was early days and that I had to take things slow and calm myself down. These girls were typical young girls and when you get passed all the dark secrets and depression over things that happened years ago and yes I'll admit it some problems that are still happening, they were just like me. Normal. Average. Nothing wrong with that but even though these girls, my friends I guess were all these things I just described, they were all different in their own unique ways.

Caitríona loved all things Edward and Bella, like me and and also like Ruby. Then even though I tried to hide it I had a secret obsession for Miley, like Shannon.

These girls were so like me it was amazing that we had never had a conversation and liked eachother before that one day. We then sat around and ate cookie dough ice cream and exchanged our thoughts on guys in our class, even though I had Freddy I did admit to thinking some of them were pretty cute, but I'd never tell him that. So we stayed up until six a.m. and then we fell asleep. Waking up at ten giving me a total of 4 hours sleep, but suprisingly I wasn't tired. I got dropped off home and now here I am, eagerly awaiting Freddy to come over.

I decided to take a shower and get ready in case we decided to do something so I wouldn't look totally wrecked and my plan worked just as I was finished my make - up , hair and dressing myself a knock came upon the door. I tried not to be too eager by running down the stairs but I didn't care my hot caring boyfriend was here and I couldn't wait to see him.

I opened the door to find that it wasn't my boyfriend but in fact - Trevor.

" Trevor, what are you doing here ? ".

" I need to talk to you Becca! " He pushed his way past me.

" Freddy's on his way over, he will be here any minute! ".

" This will only take a minute listen, I realised that the other day, what I said was really harsh, too harsh. ".

" Which part you said a lot of harsh things to me ".

" Calling you the freak to your face, especially since we used to be friends ".

" Yeah we were kids then, best friends up until my Dad left and I wasn't a normal kid anymore.!".

" I was just thinking of that and the way everyone treated you, like an outsider. Well it was down right mean. You were only doing what you had to do with your family falling apart and all and we just thought - you know being seven year old kids that you were a freak and that's where the name came from. But nobody ever stopped to think over the years what exactly you were a freak for. I mean you acted strangly. But that was just our kid minds saying you were strange in reality if it was happening now you would only be like very other normal teenage kid trying to hold their family together".

" But it's not happening now. And it did happen then, when I needed you. I needed you then to help me through it but whenever I called over to your house to try and get away from mine, either you wouldn't answer the door, you would get your mom to lie and say you were sick or not home or the worst of all you and the guys would throw water baloons at me until I went away ! ".

" Yeah I know and that's what I'm apologising for."

" Why now? After all this time ? ".

" I don't know just something inside me said that I should apologise for all these years, we like Freddy and we don't want to lose him as a friend and we were friends once so I just figured maybe we could sit together and hang out ! ".

" I don't think so I have friends I sit with at lunch now so maybe we can just do the whole civilised towards one another thing and not be so mean and vindictive anymore ? Agreed ".

" What friends ? "

" That doesn't matter and it's none of your business , now Freddy is gonna be here soon so I suggest you leave so I can explain to him that everything is cool in case he goes to rip you head from your body ".

" Good call, seeya Becks".

" Becks ! You haven't me that since...." He cut me off.

" Since everybody was total jackasses, ye I know I wanted to hear how it sounds, and it sounds great ".

" Seeya around Trevor,"

" Yeah seeya ".

He drove his black Range Rover away and then I walked back into the house still in shock. He had just apologised for everything bad that every happened between us ? This wasn't right. Something was going on. Or maybe it wasn't, he could just truthfully want to fix things. Ah well who cares I'm not gonna be all the popular kids besties so why try, I'm gonna live my life like this. Freddy my totally hot and amazing boyfriend, and my three friends Caitríona, Shannon and Ruby . Life was good.

He finally arrived a few minutes later. I gave him the story about Trevor in bits because he kept intertupting me with questions, I got it all out eventually.

" And he said he was sorry ? ". He was so suprised by this sudden samaritan act .

" Yes how many times do I need to tell you the story dude ?" I laughed at my terrible joke.

" So what does he think everything is going to just go back to the way it was before all that ? ".

" I think he does, but we both know that won't happen ".

" How come ? Like I don't want you to just forgive them like that of course I was just wondering what your thoughts are ? ".

" Well they were mean to me for all these years, even when they were old enough to stop and think of why I acted a bit strangely back then and all it takes is you coming to town and you choosing me over them and us getting together for them to apologise, I personally think they did it just so you would be friends with all of them again. They really like you Freddy ".

" And I REALLY REALLY like you so there's no contes".

" There isn't ? ".

" Nope, and I hope you don't mind but I told my Mom that you would come over to meet her, my Dad's away so she wants you over before he comes back so he doesn't grill you or anything ! ".

" You want to introduce me to your MOM ? ".

" Yeah is there a problem with that ? ".

" What if she HATES me . For all you know she could just look at me and I want to kick me out ".

For some reason I didn't think that Freddy's Mom would approve of my ever changing wash out dye hair, my make-up and the smokey eye look I always had. All that eyeliner and mascara. No way would she approve.

" Why would she do that ? Your great don't forget that ".

" Hmm, I'm skeptical about this but ah what the hell what's the worst that can happen, when is this plan for ? ".

"Now , like right now we need to get going ".

" Now ? What , when were you planning on telling me this when we were in the car half way there ? ".

" I'm sorry it sorta slipped my mind ".

" How can something like that just slip your mind ? ".

" Easy, when I'm kissing you everything in my mind slips away and I can't remember things ".

He leaned in and kissed me. It was through all my anger and utter annoyance slipped away into a deep black hole.

The End

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