First Offical Day

This was it . Our first offical day as a couple. It would happen to be a school day wouldn't it . I was really worried but Freddy reasured me that we had a half day today so once we got all the awkward stares over with everybody would have the whole weekend to find a new scandal to obsess over. This reassurance had me panicking a lot less. We drove up in his car as usual. I was still scared though. Scared of what would be said to my face, behind my back, shouted at me as I walked down the hall. I hated it when I got it before but now I think it will be a lot worse.

We pulled into a parking space and sat there breathing in the air thinking of when to get out of the car.

" You ready for this ? " He asked.

"No, but I'll do it anyway ! " I opened the door and stepped out with everyone as usual staring at me.

Freddy glanced a grinning look at me and the strolled over. Suddenly his fingers were entwined with mine. He was holding my hand. We were ready for this. I for some reason at that moment didn't care what any of them thought! I was happy and that's all that mattered to me.

" Ok, let's go and get the first entrance awkwardness over and done with ". Inside I felt like kicking myself for saying that, I knew it upset him as he flinched when I said it.

" It's not something I want to get over and done with. Just think this is the first day everyone sees you for the real you, why would you want to rush through something like that ? ".

" Your totally right, I'm sorry. Let's go ! ".

We strolled towards the doors and suprisingly people weren't staring. They were taking quick glances, but hey everybody turns to see who's walking past them. Even I do it. But it was almost as if they didn't care that we were dating or that are hands were glued to one anothers. This was great. Finally some sense of normality was beginning to surface to the top of our ocean.

" Wow this is great, nobody's staring at all " I told him.

" I know it's amazing, it's like they don't care at all that I'm stuck to you and that we're dating. You see I told you everything would be fine! ".

He was right everything was great and nothing could ruin my day. Hold on. Scratch that last thought here comes Trevor, the boy who will taunt me for all eternity.

He looked me up and down.

" Dude are you joking ? Seriously you are holding hands with BECCA JOHNSON. Do you realise exactly what you are doing to your reputation right now ? When this little phase is over no girl in this school will want to date you because you'll be diseased with freak syndrome....". Freddy cut over him.

" Dude shut up ok. It's no phase. Not something I'll grow out of when I get bored after a week. This (he held up our hands) is for real. You don't like it ? I could care less. They all don't like it or us. I could care less. So stop hassling me about my repuataion and walk away so you savour yours from getting trashed when I beat the crap out of you the next time you emphasise Becca's name and make her feel like an idiot. You got that ? ".

Trevor was shocked that Freddy had actually stood up to him.

" Yeah, loud and clear ". He walked away and left everybody staring, even some of them smiling.

Then people started clearing from the warzone. It was safe to breath again. Enough to be able to push out a few words.

" Are you...okay ? ".

" Becca? Why wouldn't I be ! ".

" You just lost your best friend because of me ".

" No he lost his best friend, I'm looking at mine right now " I smiled, he classed me as his girlfriend and best friend. This day was getting good.


I strolled into science class and felt the urge to lounge in my seat while I waited for Mr. Jackson to grace us with his presence. Every class he came into the room halfway through it. I didn't really care since I had already read all of this and learned it while I was either waiting for my Mom at one of her appointments or for one of my meetings with my brother when he would be 2 hours late.

Just then I saw from the corner of my eye a girl stop right in front of my desk.

" Your Becca right ? "She asked.

" Yeah, and you are ? ".

" Caitríona! Listen we just wanted to tell you that we think its great that you and Freddy have started standing up to those bullys and don't care what people think. Just to let you know you guys are really cute together ".

" We ..? ".

" Oh right sorry. My friends over there were too afraid to come over and tell you themselves. That's Ruby and Shannon. ".

"Oh well tell them thanks and you too, thanks I mean".

" No problem, listen we were wondering, I know it's a longshot but would you guys like to have lunch with us today ? ".

" Me and Freddy ? ".

" Yeah of course!".

" Yeah that would be great "

" Great, hey why don't you come over and introduce yourself to the girls".

" Sure sounds good".

Am I dreaming. Was this really happening. They were inviting me to eat lunch with AND sit with them in class. Did they all suddenly get a bad case of the nice disease? Well even if they did I don't care. I could see myself being friends with these girls and so I wasn't going to ruin a future friendship because I'm so paranoid. I gathered my stuff together and walked over to where they were seated.

" Hey Becca, I'm Ruby it's nice to finally meet the mysterious Becca Johnson."

" Mysterious? Is that what they call me ? "

The girl named Shannon turned around and answered my hypothetical question.

" No they call you a freak but mysterious sounds a lot better right".

" Yeah. "

At that moment Principal Bryans strolled into the classroom.

" Class Mr. Jackson has called in sick today so I will be hear for the remainder of your class, just continue doing what you were doing and that make too much noise and we shouldn't have a problem".

We all looked at eachother and counted down from ten silently, while Principal Bryans started to get comfortable in her chair. Just as she did the bell rang and everyone sprinted for the door. It was lunch, our favourite time of day.

I sat beside Freddy and was waiting for everybody to begin harrassing us.

" Hey there beautiful " He smiled. He knew for a fact that he was making me feel better than I had all day. Jusr at that moment Caitríona, Ruby and Shannon - the girls from my science class made their way over to sit with us. Ruby waved over to make sure I kept them seats.

" Are they waving at you ? "

" Yeah, they talked to me today in science, it was totally at random. But they're nice I suppose and they are being friendly so why turn them away and be hostile towards them when they could become my friends ? "

" That's true, well listen babes this makes what I've to tell you a lot easier, I have to go to practice like now ? I was going to take you with me so you wouldn't be alone but now that you have your friends to sit with - everything is cool, so seeya later ! ".

He ran towards the door before I could object.

" Hey where's Freddy gone running, it's not because of us is it ? " Caitríona asked in a worried manner.

" No no no he has a lunchtime practice and he ran before I could hold him and tape him down " I laughed.

" So Becca - I'm having a sleepover tonight, it's us three and I was wondering if maybe YOU wanted to stay over ? ".

I was shocked . Period.

" Me ? Why ? ".

" Well we like you and we want to be friends and maybe a sleepover is the way to set off our friendship - come on it'll be super fun, we all bring one movie over ever week and watch them all ".

" You do it every week ? ".

" Yeah, it changes house every week, would you be cool with that like having us over to yours ? ".

" Yeah that would be totally fine so yeah tonight that would be great".

" Cool, so just give me your address and Ruby and Shannon can you pick you up on their way over "

" Yeah no problem !".

I wrote it down and then decided to make my way to my next class. It was just this class then I got to leave for the day and then i had a sleepover tonight.

"BOO" Freddy pounced on me and made me jump.

" Aaah! Jesus Freddy don't do that " I laughed.

" Sorry so how was lunch, I see you survived it well enough ? ".

" Well I'm going to a sleepover tonight so it must have gone well".

" Sleepover ? Cool. I'll stop by tomorrow around 1 and we can do something and then you can make me your famous pasta and we can stay in and watch a scary movie or something - sound good ?".

" Sounds great ! " I smiled and then left him by his locker and walked through the doors of my english class - everyone turned looked and then just stared. I stood there paranois trying to figure out what they were staring at - but it wasn't me they were staring at. I turned behind me to see Casandra Allen in a crying state beating up and bleeding. My jaw dropped after about two seconds of her walking into the room everyone had flooded around her. I pushed my way through the crowd and left them to it. She hated me with a passion, she wouldn't want my help.

What happened?

I heard them ask her.

Who did this to you?

Are you okay ?

I'm gonna kill the person who did this to you babe -

Trevor her boyfriend screamed furiously instead of asking his girlfriend is she was ok.

All she could say was repetitively shouting.

Stop it please. Stop it please.

It was obvious that she was traumatised.

Class went faster than normal - maybe because it wasn't a real class. We were all asked questions by the police. I was one of the first so I could leave school ! Thank god.

I walked to my car to find someone remotely gorgeous leaning against it.

" You got outta there fast how much did they ask you ? " He asked.

" What I'd seen - nothing,

If I knew anything - nope

Then I was told I could go home. Thank god I felt like screaming in there. How about you ? "

" They asked me if I did it ! " He laughed, I laughed along too.

" Well I better go get ready for this sleepover and I'll call you in the morning! ".

" Sure thing babes, seeya then " He kissed me on the forehead and then his lips just barely touched mine and he was gone walking away without looking back for one last glance.

Leaving me breathless.



The End

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