The Big Time

I was running around like an idiot. I'm so shallow. Lately all I do is think about Freddy. Want to look pretty for Freddy and want to make an impression on FREDDY. Why should I care what this one guy thinks of me ? I'm such a .......... .......................................................GIRL !

That's it. The best way to explain it. Ughh. But why him, why did he have to come along and want to be with me. What's wrong with him. Is he blind ? I heard a car pull up. Crap. He was early. I sprinted towards the window and looked out. He looked nice ! Oh my god! I was still in my pjs doing my hair and make-up and he was already here. I ran towards the bathroom. Just then I heard the doorbell ring. My mom let him in and led him into the kitchen. They seemed to be very friendly with one another now since he is always over here.

It's about time you took her out you know just study dates aren't enough for young girls these days.

I heard her say.

He replied to that with. Oh I had always intended on bringing her out on a real date I just had to wait for her to like me enough to be possitive she would say yes, and she did. My tummy tingled.

I got ready fast and then made my way towards the kitchen, when I walked in dressed a denim skirt with a plaid shirt on over it and my uggs. I may be the depressed girl in school but I do wear good clothes, I've even heard Stacey and Casandra the popular girls admit they thought I had a good style.

" You look amazing ! "

" Thanks, it's just a skirt, shirt and boots. Nothing fancy. What are we doing anyway ? "

" Can't tell you it's a suprise "

Mom hopped in then with her sweet laugh.

" Your going to love it "

She giggled and ran to the oven just as the timer went off. I loved hearing her laugh. It was great to see her so happy and excited about something for the first time in her life.

He led me out to the car and then put a blindfold on so I wouldn't peek to see where we were headed. When the car finally came to a stop he ordered me cutely to stay in the car until he came back to get me. He was gone for about 5 minutes and then my passanger door sprang open.

" You ready ? "

" Should I be afraid or can I let my heart slow down and relax for good ? "

" You can be calm "

Just then he lifted me off my feet and into his arms.

" You didn't really think I'd let you walk. You would know straight away where we are. "

Ugh he was good. It must be a very predictable place once you know what sort of surronding it had. When he finally put me down it was onto a warm blanket. Then he came over and started to untie to blindfold.

" Close you eyes for a minute ".

I did as I was told and the his hands became one with my face and covered my eyes. Then he lifted them away .

" Open ! ".

When I opened my eyes all I could see was the most beautiful sunset I had every seen, even on tv. The sky was in between an orange and pinky colour. He began to unload the feast he had packed and then we ate food and sat there staring out at the view. It started to get dark and we were lying down on the blanket looking up at the stars.

It was magical. Just looking up and thinking there are whole other planets up there and they are different to earth.

On the drive home the car was silent. I don't know why. I decided to break the silence.

" That was so amazingly beautiful ! "

" Like you ! " He said while grinning over at me .

" Thank you, that was the best first date ever "

" You think that was good ? You've seen nothing yet. "

He pulled up outside my house.

" You want me to walk you to the door? "

" Sure "

We walked up the steps to my porch.

" So goodnight " I said while thinking of what else I could say.

" Yeah night ! "

Just as I was about to walk inside he pulled me close and kissed me so passionatly that my lips almost fell off. It was so powerful and electric that I swear I was getting a shockwave sent through my enitre body.

We pulled away. I was speechless

Then I was able to speak.

" Wow ! "

" Yeah that was pretty amazing ! "

" Amazing doesn't even describe it fairly "

" I better get going my Dad will be wondering where I am, so I'll pick you up for school tomorrow ?"

" Yeah for sure , bye "

He drove away and I finally moved towards the door. I ran up the stairs before my mother could ask me any questions.

This was so unbelievable. He has just KISSED ME !! Becca Johnson just got the most amazing kiss ever, she would never forget this night for as long as she lived. I then began to write everything that had just happened into my journal where one day she would read back and laugh at how childish and naive I had been tonight.


He drove up my street right on time . As usual. I couldn't get down the stairs fast enough ! My mom had gone away this morning for the entire weekend with my aunt Sarah, her sister, and they had no way of bothering me since they weren't even in the country.

I pulled the door open with a grin on my face.

He smiled . " Hey there. Can I come in ? "

" Sure, come on ! "

We walked into the kitchen and I was still smiling like a giddy schoolgirl who has just found out her crush likes her back !

" What's wrong with you this morning, your so smiley! "

I burst into tears of laughter.

When I had calmed down from my violent outburst of laughing I decided to explain myself.

" I'm sorry I'm just really happy and when I get really happy I laugh a lot "

" Why are you so happy " He said in a funny way while slowly moving towards me while in the process he was beginning to press me against the counter. Our bodies tangled together.

He leaned in and started to kiss me in the most amazing way. He pulled away and smiled at me, my eyes sparkling.

" I like this game I get to kiss you and it makes you happy. I better not do it too often or people at school might start to think that your actually capable of having a smile on your face " He laughed at his own joke, even though it was funny, I wasn't going to let on to him that I thought it was funny.

" Ahh your hilarious, you should be a comedian! ".

" Maybe I will and I can use your awkwardness as my punchline".

"Shut up ! " I said while trying to hold my laughter inside of my body, he saw through this of course and knew that I was pretending to be annoyed. He did of course the right thing and leaned in for another kiss taking my mind off all of my problems, like they were being swept away through the streets drenched in water from an overpowerful storm.

" Stop that "

" Stop what ? Kissing you amazingly and taking your mind off everything, why ? "

" No stop making me have panic attacks whenever I kiss you, my heart rate rises by two hundred percent when you kiss me like that".

" I'm sorry I'll try kiss worse next time".

" No kiss me like that just remind me to breath in and out afterwards ".

" I promise I will ! ".

The End

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