A date? Or not ? No not a date. I think .

I didn't know what to think. Here was me Becca. With Freddy Donovan. The hot new guy. In HIS car . Oh My God . What will I say ? Ummm.......

" So Becca, what's your deal ? You have a boyfriend ? "

" No do you ? " I laughed super hard.

He laughed too only his laugh was like a musical instrument being played perfectly in an orchestra solo.

" No and I don't have a girlfriend either in case you were wondering for a reason ? "

" You asked me first ! Why did you want to know ? "

" I dunno, just did ..." He was looking suspicous and awkward as if he had something to say but didn't know how to .

" Just spit it out whatever it is you were going to say "

" Ok I'm going to admit it but only because you deserve that , I like you and I'm not afraid to admit it ! I mean see we were in the car for 2 minutes and you had me in hysterics. No girl I've ever known has had the ability to do that. Your magical Becca Johnson, truly magical "

" Are you on drugs or something ? "

" Hey don't make fun of me, please? "

" Ok I'm sorry, the next house on the left, ye there the creamy one "

We stopped outside what looked to be a seemingly normal and perfect family home but what nobody knew was there were a lot of secrets lurking in the foundations of this home. A lot of secrets that we urging to break through cracks in the walls.

" Wow your house is nice . I think I've seen it before in a picture or something! "

" Really ? That's weird. Well are you coming or not ? "

" Yeah sorry "

We hurried up the steps when I got the fright of my life to see my older brother Travis sitting in our arm chair on the porch, which wasn't visable from the street.

" Hey little sis, who's this your boyfriend ? "

" What the hell are you doing here Travis. You know she can't handle this why do you always come back just when she's getting better ? "

" I don't do it intentionally if that's what your thinking. I need some cash can you fix me up ? "

" No I'm sick of fixing you up with MY money, have you ever heard of this distant thing which you would've never met ? It's called a job. You actually do something with your life then they pay you in return"

" Excuse you for your information I have a job it's just not helping my situation. I owe my landlord a good but and I'm nearly finished paying him all the unpaid rent and when it's all paid I can finally live my life properly . Please sis, I need you "

" And we've needed you a lot but once you get what you want you just run as far away from her as you possibly can as usual and I'm left to pick up the pieces" I screamed infuritated with the anger now.

" God do you have to throw that back in my face everytime I come for a visit ? "

" They aren't visits Travis they're trips to you magical bank, you know the one that never needs the money you ask for "

" This is the last time I promise. Please "

" Where are you living now anyway ? "

" Downer Street "

" Downer Street ? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME . That's a 10 minute drive from here, it's right in the middle of town. How long have you been back ? "

" 5 Months "


" Come on please, I'll visit more just please all I need is 2 this time."

" I want this one back and more visits, you have to come over every Sunday and bring her to church and then stay for dinner, she needs stability not you dropping in every month or two "

" Church ? Sunday dinner ! Come on are you trying to kill me ? "

" That's my deal take it or leave it "

" Fine . Deal "

" Come back tonight I'll have it then "

" K "

He jumped down the steps and then I realised that Freddy was still standing there, I had completely forgotten he was even by my side once I'd gotten into it with Travis, I should apologise.

" I'm so sorry about that . You came to study not to hear about my family problems. "

" It's ok and hey this is more than just studying, this is a study DATE ! "

" A date ? "

" Ye " He said while winking at me then walking into the house chuckling.

I stood there looking and feeling confused. Was this a date. No this was defiantly not a date. Or was it ? I don't know. Ye it was no it wasn't . I think.

I introduced him to my Mom although she was too busy baking. She seemed happy and joyful today. That was a good thing I was hoping she stayed like this through the duration of Freddy's visit I don't think either of us could handle two family breakdowns in one day.

We studied . Ate some brownies and then he said he had to go.

" Seeya then, I hope i helped a bit "

" Yeah you did I'm sorta caught up now . Just to be sure I think we should do this again just in case. You free tomorow ? "

" I'll let you in on a secret. I've no friends I'm always free "

" That's not true. I'm your friend ! "

" You are ? "

" Yeaah !!! I'm you best friend. Seeya tomorow. Hey wait do you want a ride to school in the morning I noticed you don't have a car "

" Yeah thanks that would be good "

" I'll be here at 7:45 then "

" Bye "

My heart melted not only was he coming over again tomorow after school but he was PICKING me up for school, this was a good day.

Travis arrived a little later and I gave him his money and his warnings and intructions.

The End

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