The Challenge

Walking through those doors is like hell on earth. Everyone stares and feels the need to whisper! Why can't they just be happy in their own little lives and not want to disrupt mine? Is that really too much to ask. Maths. The word I hiss when I look at my timetable, others like Biology and Gym I say with a smile. I may not look like the type of girl to like Gym but believe me, I love sports. Just as much as I love my music class. Nobody can touch me when I'm playing or writing music, it's like I'm on cloud 9 in my own little bubble away from the rest of the world and nobody can barge in or compare to the feeling I get when I here a new piano solo or a melody on the guitar. It's heaven.

My Dad taught me everything I know about music and even though he left that wasn't stopping me from realising my dream. Although playing the piano did remind me of him I tried to block those memories from my head. When my mom was feeling down I would sit at our grand piano and play her some of the most beautiful music I could conjur up. She drifts off to sleep listening to me bang the keys. So my challenge was to channel myself into something great, something incredible and to thank myself for sticking at it and not my father for teaching me my musical talent. He doesn't deserve so much praise.

So off I went to have some lunch although I don't really eat. I just don't get hungry. But when I do get hungry, this is once a day, I eat a lot. I think that stocks me up. As I strolled into the cafeteria I began to turn heads and mostly from the popular table. Why were they bothering with me ? What I had done? Well I recalled everything I'd said to everyone in the past week and I'd said nothing that could upset any of them so why were the all suddenly so interested in me ? Then I saw him. Him . Why did he have to be so gorgeous. I rarely go for the jocky, athlete type but he was amazingly beautiful. Rough and ruggid looking, with hair that seemed like it needed no effort but anyway looked exceptional. His brown hair had me amazed. Why was he staring at me ? I didn't know him so I guessed he was new, but what seperated me from all these beautiful girls in this room to make him want to stare at me and not them ?

Then without any warning he rose from he seat and began slowly walking towards me and when he reached me I was standing there jaw dropped waiting to hear his voice and when he spoke it was like a melody singing in my ear. His voice so musical.

" Are you Rebecca Johnson ? " He asked me.

" Becca, and well yes , why ? ".

" Well I noticed you in math this morning and Mr.O Rourke told me that since I needed to catch up on my work you were the girl to talk to "

" You want me to tutor you ? In math ? But I'm not a tutor "

" Oh it's not tutoring exactly but sort of getting me up to speed on everything you guys have done this year so far "

I stared at him amazed that he needed my help. Me. Becca Johnson the freak with no Dad was being asked help from the amazingly hot new boy. Will I agree or say no ? Think fast I think he is going to want an answer soon.

" So, will you help me. He said your the most gifted in the class, but I didn't tell anybody that I thought it might embarass you more."

I still stood there speachless.

" Becca ? "

" Oh right sorry, em yeah ok I will, even though I don't think I'll be much help, but anyway. When are you free ?"

" Is after school okay. "

"Yeah no problem, where ?" Please don't say his place , please don't say his place.

" Your place? If that's ok with you ? "

Thank god I don't think I would be able to breathe going to his place.

" Yeah ok . Seeya then I suppose "

" OK bye then. "

He turned and then glidded back to his seat so gracefully that I was required to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Ouch. Nope this was real and this was happening, Thank God.

The End

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