...pound on the door calling for room service

You ball your hands into fists and begin to pound on the door.

“Room Service.”

Your voice doesn’t come out nearly as loud as you hoped so you try again.


That’s much better. You stop to listen and the sound of a whistle from outside distracts you for a moment. You swear you’ve heard that whistle before but can’t quite place it. Growling from your stomach quickly turns your attention back to the door.

You begin calling out, “ROOM SERVICE,” over and over as you’re fists beat against the solid wood.

Finally, someone draws back the little window, startling you.

“Enough yapping boy!” the guard snarls. “If you woke up earlier the rats might not have eaten your breakfast.”

“Rats!” you squeak and immediately jump back upon the bed.

The man laughs and slams the window shut. You swear he muttered something about you being a spoiled brat. You snort in annoyance. No one at court would dare call you such. What court? You mind is still hazy on that bit. You look out the window and spot the ship you saw earlier. You know the flag and the court are connected. A ruckus erupts nearby and below the window. You wish for a quieter and nice room in which to think.

A rumble from your stomach reminds you that you need food if you are to do any serious thinking. Looking about you spot the supposed breakfast; to your horror there’s a bowl on the floor. Who knows what it had been filled with, but whatever it was, you certainly didn’t eat it. Probably better that the rats ate it anyway as you suspect it’d disagree with your delicate constitution.

A memory filters back. You’ve been having issues procuring the meals you are used to eating. A quick check of the pockets indicates that you’ve no trinkets left. Braving the rats you creep to the window in the door.

“ROOM SERVICE!” You renew your cry hoping that someone might answer. They will pay for their treatment of you. “ROOM SERVICE!”

No one responds as chaos erupts in the hall beyond the door. You can’t tell if someone is trying to escape or if the guards lost their keys. But that's no reason for them to ignore you. You...

The End

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