Chapter One - NadineMature

A story

Nadine had a cloud of red hair orbiting her pale face with the too-striking features, and a star-shaped earring. She wore weird bracelets, bits of thread all knotted up with a few slowly discoloring glass beads thrown in for good measure. Allen liked her. Not obsessive love-hate, or just plain indifference that he felt for most human beings. Nadine was okay, in the best possible way. Now she sat next to him, wearing a Joy Division t-shirt that was a men's size XXL, and so big that it swamped her. Her eyeliner made her look like a skull. 

"She got what she deserved." Nadine told him, a lip-gloss shiny smile that sparkled with ice-cold revenge stretching her lips broadly. Allen nodded, his watery blue eyes fixed on the ground, focusing on a greyish blob of old chewing gum that resembled brain matter. He had scratches on his wrists, carved out by a certain someone's perfect sugar-frost talons. The sight of them filled him with a sickening sort of pride. Nadine reached out on fingertip, the bitten sliver of nail coated with black-green, iridescent nail-polish which was starting to flake away. 

Allen normally hated casual touching, but Nadine was never invasive in her ways. He pulled a thick red and black wristband out of his pocket and pulled it onto his wrist, the left one where the scars were the worst. Nadine had a perfect bitemark on her shoulder, white and scabbed over, a purple-black bruise blossoming around it. He could see it under her bra-strap, when the shoulder of her t-shirt slipped down. 

They sat on the wall in a comfortable silence for a few seconds, waiting for buses and cars to leave the school grounds. Eventually, Allen turned to Nadine, and in an even, pleasant tone, stated;

"Let's go and check on her." 

They smiled smug, secretive smiles, as they began to leave. 

The End

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