Day 1. Family. 6.30 PMMature

“I’m really sorry I didn’t get in contact with you Lex, I wanted to keep the kids a surprise” Steph says.

“Steph, its fine, really, it’s a nice surprise, I’m so happy that I’m here, I couldn’t be any happier” Lex says.


“Can I ask, is there a father to the kids?”

“Yeah, Darren, he works late nights, he’ll be back around ten, I’m a bit of a house wife, I spend a lot of time here, and now that you two are here we can go out, it’ll be fun”


“Can…….. I ask about prison?”

“You can ask, but I wont say anything, I pleaded innocent then all of a sudden out the blue Amy strolls in and on the same day they find me……… and Amy… innocent… and that’s that, I want to move on, we both want to move on, that’s that”

“You’re repeating yourself”

“I don’t care…….. I really don’t care…. So where’s me and Any staying?”

“Upstairs, want to go up?”

“Sure” Lex picks the plate up.

“Leave them I’ll sort them”

“…….. are you sure?”

“Yeah, its fine” she puts the plate down and we leave the room, we go back into the front room and walk up the stairs. There is a corridor left and right with rooms on each side. We turn right and a door on the end. “In here” we walk in the room. It’s a large room, two single beds with red and blue duvets, two wardrobes and a bathroom.

“Nice one, this is huuuuuuuuge”

“Uhuh, after they called me I went out and got some stuff for you both, I…….. guessed your sizes, we have a lot of money, we can go shopping tomorrow”

“Steph, I don’t want to take your money”

“Lex” Steph takes her hand. “You’re my sister, and she’s my niece, you’re my family, I’m helping you, we’ll take things one step at a time so firstly, shopping tomorrow for clothes, okay?"

“Okay, God I love you” Lex throws her arms around Steph.

“I love you to, wanna come back downstairs?”

“Hmm… to be honest Steph, I’m really tired after today, it’s been to much”

“Lex……. Its half 6”

“Are you kidding?”


“Oh… well…… I’ll stay up for a bit, I’m just really tired”

“It’s fine, we can watch some TV if you want?”

“Sure” I walk over to the blue bed. “I knew you’d want the blue one” I smile, and sit on the bed. I fall back and look ahead to the ceiling. A new life. A new start. I can’t wait, I wonder what my days will bring me.

Three days ago I was living by myself fearing that the police were going to find me and take me away to prison. It happened, and it all happened so quickly. Little did I know I was going to meet an Aunt I didn’t know I had and we’d both be found innocent. For the past twenty years I have lived in fear. But fear, is now all in the past. Now I have happiness to look forward to. I have a family, I have people to love. I feel like I have been blessed.

I feel myself falling asleep and going off into the dream land. This time I fall asleep happy, and looking forward to the future. 

The End

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