Day 1. Car Journey. 6.oo PMMature

We set off down the road.

“So” Karen says. “This is it, for both of you, Lex I can not apologise enough for everything I put you through”

“You could actually, its not like you put me in prison for twenty years, twenty loooooooooong years, day after day I wou – “ Lex starts to say.

“Yes, alright, I’m sorry, I am more than sorry, and Amy. Your something else, I wish you told  me about the mark, I know you were scared but we could have went through this sooner…….. saying that you might have not been here with Lex right now”

“It’s……….. fine” I say. I’m just happy to be with Lex right now. She smile and takes my hand again.

“So modest, unlike your Aunt"

“Tut, I’m modest” Lex says.

“No your not” the car stops. I look out the window, big house, and a big front garden. I’m excited.

“Alright you two, don’t think you’re getting rid of me that easily, I’ll come visit you every week”

“Do you have to?” Karen turns in her seat.

“I don’t have to, I want to, I want to see your both doing fine, so I’ll come every Friday”

“Eeeeeee…. I’m gonna look forward to every Friday then”

“Don’t be like that; I’ll see you both in four days then”

“Bye Karen” Lex rushes out the car, I stay where I am.

“You can go Amy, be free, no one will be there to tell you what to do anymore” the door opens, “See you Friday”

“Thanks for letting me go, just like that, its only been one day…….. but its been the longest day of my life”

“I know, don’t want to keep you any longer, see you soon”

“Bye Karen” we smile. I get out and Lex shuts the door, and sarcastically waves. “Do you have to do that?”

“I don’t have to, but its funny, lets go” we turn, and see the door open, I hear dogs barking and cats meowing inside. Steph, my Aunt Steph, long black hair with a hint of red it in. “STEPH!” Lex runs at her and runs into her arms. I walk slowly towards the front door. “God I’ve missed you” they break away.

“Is this Amy?” she asks.

“Yeah, this is Amy”

“Oh my God you’ve grown up, how old?”


“Wow, come inside” she shuts the front door. Some people walk on through and a dog comes barking, I step back, then I look down to see a black Labrador, it’s a puppy, and he or she looks adorable. “Sorry about Max, he gets excited over visitors”

“I didn’t know you had a dog”

“Got him last year” then, four children walk through and smile at us. Two boys and two girls.

“Hi” they all smile.

“Hi” Lex says sounding confused.

“Lex, I’m really sorry for not telling you…….. but these are my kids” 

“…….. kids”

“Yes… Lex, you’re an Aunt”

“I’m an Aunt……….. oh my God……. I’m an Aunt!........ these kids are adorable”

“I know, and well behaved, hey you lot, you wanna go play?”

“Yeah!” they scream and run into a room on the left.

“Come in here, I’ve got your tea ready” she puts the dog down who runs into the room on the left, we walk into the room on the right, a dining room. There are three places, a large steak fills half the plate, chips on the other half with onion rings, it looks like paradise. I sit down in a seat and stare at the plate. Lex grabs a fork and digs in.

“Amazing” Lex says and eats. “Go on Amy” I pick up the fork, take a chip, and eat it. Sweet hot salty taste. I love it.

“So Lex, I wanna have a little talk” Steph says.

“Talk away” 

The End

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