Day 1. Hospital. 5.30 PMMature

I open my eyes and see a white light ahead of me, I can hear voices in the background but can’t make out what there saying. I breathe out and see my breath in front of me; I’m wearing an oxygen mask. I feel an adrenaline surge through me, I take the mask off and I sit up. I see people in front of me, Lex is sitting behind me and I see three people in white coats.

“Amy, how are you feeling?” Lex asks and takes my hand.

“I feel fine, I’m hungry” I say. Lex smiles and squeezes my hand. A woman in a white coat comes over to me, an older woman, blonde hair tyed back.

“How’s your neck Amy?” she asks.

“Its…….. fine……… its still there” I rub the back of my neck. I feel skin, and I feel great. She puts a band to my arm and I hear a machine beep. I look down, and see than I am wearing a hospital gown, I look at the ground and then at the ceiling.

“Amy’s quite restless” Lex says.

“I’ve noticed” the doctor says. “Well, everything seems okay, she’s good to go”

“Go” I say.

“Yeah, you can leave”


“This means we can go live with my sister, I was on the phone to her earlier and she said she’s going to make some steaks for us”

“Steaks” my stomach grumbles at the word, I’m starving.

“Yeah, so you can get ready and we can go” I swing my legs over the side, and look at my legs, I need to wear some clothes. I turn and see the doctor putting some clothes on the bed.

“We have some jeans and a jumper that you can wear, and keep, and some converse shoes” she says.

“Thank you” I turn and look at Lex.

“I’ll let you put them on” the people in white coats leave and Lex moves to leave. I take  her hand and she stops to look at me.

“Don’t leave”

“Amy, I love you to death, but I’m only leaving the room so you can put some clothes on, when you’ve got them on, come out okay?” she says.

“Okay” she smiles and walks out the room. I stand up, rip the gown from me, take the jeans and put them on, there a little to big, but there fine. I take the blue jumper and put it on, a little to big again, but fine. Blue socks I put on, and then the converse and tie the laces. I’m ready. I move out the room where Lex is talking to the doctors. 

“Are you okay?” she asks.

“Yeah” I smile.

“Come on you” we turn the corridor, and I see the door for the exit. I turn to the doctors.

“Thank you, for making me all better”

“That’s alright, you take care” the doctor says who helped me before. I smile, Lex takes my hand and we walk down. She pushes the door open, and fresh air hits my face. I see people ahead, and realise it is Karen and a police office.

“Hi, taxi service, we’re taking you to your sisters” Karen smiles

“Great, thanks” Lex smiles and walks the other side of the car, Karen opens the door for me; I smile and get in the car. The police officer gets in the drivers side and Karen in the passenger side. This is now the start of a new life. 

The End

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