Day 1. Interview. 3.00 PMMature

The door opens and some people enter the room, Andrea, an old woman with long brunette hair, green eyes, wearing black trousers, black blazer with a grey shirt underneath, and then Karen. Karen, the woman who arrested me back in my flat. I move, Lex turns and grabs my hand.

“Hey” Lex says. “It’s okay, no ones going to hurt you” I swallow, Lex takes my hand, and I squeeze her hand for reassurance.

“Hello Amy” Karen says and smiles. That smile, that devilish smile, I hate that smile. “By the sounds of it, you’re innocent, just like your Aunt Lex right now” Lex smiles at her. “All I need is to talk to you” she pulls something out of her pocket, a small device, I see a tape in it, I’m guessing it will record what we are going to say. I squeeze Lex’s hand and look at it.

“It’s going to be fine Amy”

“Alright?” she presses a button and I see something moving in the device. “So Amy, I was told that you have the mark, and I know that means that you were forced to do the things that you did, I wish you told me before, I know you were scared all of that time but this is it Amy, its all come down to this, I just need a name from you” I swallow, breathe in, and look at Lex.

“Come on Amy, just a name, I’ve pleaded to everyone in here that I’m innocent and I’m getting out today and your gonna come with me, then we’re gonna go live with my sister and the three of us are gonna be happy together, so just give her a name Amy”

“Tony King” I say. I’ve said it, Tony King, the man who made me deal drugs to his clients, made me kill innocent people. Suddenly the back of my neck starts to burn, my face starts to burn and I feel all sweaty. I get up and run to the kitchen area. I run the cold tap and put my hands under them, I put them on the back of my neck to cool it down.

“Amy” I hear Lex say and she runs over to me. She puts her hands underneath and puts them to my neck.

“Oh my God”

“See, you did it, this is all over, you know if you have the mark you wont stay in prison, you’ve done it Amy, I’m so proud of you”

“It burns”

“I know it does Amy, im going to make the pain go away” she stands up and pulls open a drawer. She pulls a knife out.

“Lex” I’m scared of what she’s going to do with that knife.

“Like I said” she comes down and kneels behind me. “I’m going to make it go away” I feel a knife cutting into my skin, I fall forward, but Lex manages to hold me.


“It’s okay”

“Lex” I hear Karen say nearby. “What are you doing?” The knife, cutting through my skin, I feel blood trickling down my neck.

“I’m cutting it off, it’s the only way, I don’t want her having the mark all of her life… there” pressure is put onto the back of my neck. A towel, Lex looks at me.

“It’s all over Amy, no more prison, no more crime, and no more screws, its me and you now………. And maybe the hospital because your losing some blood”

“We’ve called for an ambulance” Karen says. Lex sits me down and I find myself facing Karen. Her colleague is in the room as well as Andrea and two guards.

“Are you feeling okay?” Lex asks, I feel some of her hair brush against my face.

“I don’t know, I’m scared” I say.

“You don’t have to be anymore, you don’t have the mark, you’ve just got…… blood there”

“What?” I panic, I move in her grip.

“No, no its fine, you’ll be fine, you’ve got paramedics coming for you” I take a deep breath in, hold Lex’s hands, and shut my eyes not wanting to see anyone in the room. But I know this is it, my first and last day in prison, if this had never happened I wouldn’t have told anyone about it because I was too scared. But because of Lex, I'm leaving, and I'm leaving with her and starting a new life, and I can’t wait. 

The End

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