Day 1. Innocence. 1.20 PM.Mature

“The police called before when I was in the office with Amy, they were looking at some fingerprints from different sets of knives and they found out the knife that stabbed Aaron wasn’t yours” Andrea says.

“Oh my God” Lex says, I see tears well up in her eyes.

“You’re innocent”

“Oh my God!”

“Congratulations Lex”

“Oh my God!” Lex stands up and screams, then turns to look at me. “What about Amy?”

“I’m gonna call Karen and get her to come down and interview her”

“She’ll get nothing from her, let me sit with her, I can get things from her”

“Yeah, I’ll get that arranged and let them know, for now Beth will take you down to a soft room where she can be more comfortable”

“I can go with her right?”


“Good… will you take these cuffs off her? She’s not an animal”

“Beth” Beth comes over, grabs the middle, and lets me out of the cuffs. Now part of me feels free. Lex takes my left.

“It’s okay, sometime soon… today hopefully… and then we can go live with your other Aunt”

“What?” I ask.

“You have another Aunt, Steph, the oldest, she said when I get out she’d take me in, then we can live together” I have another Aunt? This somewhat makes up for the loss of my parents. Happiness fills me, I just have to talk to the police and I can get out of here.

“Go on, take them down” Beth says.

“Come on” I take Lex’s hand and we leave the room. We turn left and walk down the corridor; I see a door at the end. Beth stops at a door on a left, and lets us in. A very basic room, TV, brown sofas, and a kitchen area at the back. “Let’s sit down, watch some TV” she takes me to a sofa and we sit down. She picks a remote up and puts the television on. “Huh, re run of friends” I stare at it; I’ve never watched a television before in my life. “Aw Amy you look so pale, you hungry?” Hungry? The thought of it makes my stomach rumble, I’m starving.

“Yeah” I say.

“I’ll see what’s in the fridge” she walks over to the kitchen and opens the fridge door. “Huh, there are some sandwiches in here” she shuts the fridge door and looks into a cupboard nearby. “And some crisps” she runs the taps and puts water into 2 glasses. She goes into another cupboard and pulls out a tray; she puts the food on and walks over. “There you go” she hands me a plate with a sandwich on, ham and cheese sandwich. I look at it, and then take a bite out of it. The first thing I taste is the butter, the ham is cold which tastes beautiful and the cheese adds some extra flavour. That was amazing. I don’t want to rush this, so I eat it slowly. Lex sits back; this makes me feel more relaxed. I sit back, get comfortable and start to eat. 

The End

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