Day 1: Lunchtime Continues: 12.30.PMMature

“Hey you, slow down” I ate that sandwich way to quickly. I have the crisps, the apple and the chocolate mousse to look forward to. “Have some water” she takes the water, unscrews the top and gives it to me. I look at it, and cant remember the last time I drunk water. It feels like years ago. I put it to my lips and let the water trickle down my throat. It tastes so refreshing,  its too nice. I tilt it upwards. Lex puts a hand to it forcing it downwards and away from me and some drips down my chest. “Slow down Amy, you’ll make yourself sick”

“I’m sorry” I say, wipe the water off my chin and look over at the guards who seem deep in conversation. I know there talking about us. I open the crisps and eat the first one, chew and swallow, I can do this, and slowly.

“Okay now?”

“Yeah, I know there talking about us”

“Don’t think about them, just think about me and you. So, what cell are you in?”


“Three, I’m right above you. I know after here they’ll take you back to your cell, they won’t have a routine for you yet”


“We work here, laundry, kitchen, mechanics… there’s different jobs around here, it might take a while for them to sort something out for you. But in the meanwhile when you’re in your cell, you think about me. Close your eyes and think about me, think about how you’re going to see me soon, then before you know it, I’ll be here for you” those words, she meant every single one of them.

“I love you so much”

“I love you to” there are no more crisps left. I take the apple, and bite into it. Juice, sweet juice fills my mouth and I crunch into the apple. “You like that?”

“I love it”

“Good. Tea is around 5, and then lock up, the nights are long, but you’ll survive, I know you will”

“I love you”

“Yeah. And no one in here is going to touch you, me and my girls are going to make sure of that”

“I love you” she smiles at me. That smile, gives me the feeling of hope. As long as I have Lex here, I know I can make it. I have finished that apple quickly. The chocolate mousse, I open it, take the spoon, take some mousse and put it into my mouth. Chocolate, sweet sweet chocolate. The best thing I have tasted in my life.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing” I swallow. “This it the best thing I’ve tasted in my life”

“Haha, chocolate mousse, yeah I love it to, learn to savour it”

“I don’t think I can”

“What happened back then Amy?”

“Erm…” someone appears to our right, we both look. Beth.

“Times up” she says.

“Are you kidding me?” Lex asks.

“It’s one o clock”

“Oh” Lex gets up, I swallow the rest of the mousse. I will savour the taste.

“Come on you” I quickly get up. “Witch wants a meeting”

“See you later Amy” I smile as she joins a group of people, and then down the corridor. We walk through the gate, and then the door into the office I was in before.

“Hello love” Andrea says and smiles, that devilish smile, I am afraid of what is to come. 

The End

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