Day 1: Lunchtime: 12.ooPMMature

“You know her?” Beth says.

“Of course I know my own niece” she says in front of me.

“Niece?” Beth and Claire say shocked.

“Yes, niece, now get lost” they look at each other, and then walk to the right, I look over and watch as they join a group of guards. I look at her, Lex, my Aunt, who I never thought I’d see again. I know that she was put in prison after being in a fight and killing someone in a bar twenty years ago, and now I am standing here in front of her.

“Amy” Lex touches my face and looks at me in the eye. “Oh Amy, your all grown up, how’s my sister?” my mother, the thought of it makes me well up inside. “Oh God no, what about your Dad?” I well up more, I can’t help myself. Lex holds me in her arms. Warmth fills my heart and it feels so nice, I feel loved again. “I’m here for you, just put your head down, and don’t talk to the screws” she breaks away from the hug and looks into my eyes. Her green beautiful eyes, my Mothers eyes. “Are you okay?” I breathe in and look around the room.

“Haha” I hear the guards laugh. I don’t look, but Lex shoots a glare at them and they turn silent.

“I’m top dog here so your lucky, and I’m not going anywhere cos they like me here to keep these girls straight, so lets get you some food” she takes my hand and we walk over to the canteen at the back. Two trays are put out on the end and a chef stands behind it, an old woman in white overalls, chef hat and short red hair.

“Niece ey?” she asks, a croaky voice she has .

“Yeah, so I’d appreciate it if no one gave her any stick”

“None taken” Lex grabs both trays and puts them to a table behind us. I sit in front of a tray, she sits opposite me.

“Amy, please say something” I look over at the guards, I know there talking about us, and then I look down at my tray. A ham sandwich cut in half, salt and vinegar crisps, chocolate mousse, an apple and a bottle of water. “Amy” I look up and look into her eyes. She takes my hand. I feel my heart warming up, I feel loved. I entwine my fingers into hers. “Please talk to me, I haven’t seen you in…………………………….. more than ten years, say something, anything, I just want to hear you speak” I swallow, I take a deep breath in and look into her eyes again.

“I’m sorry” I say.

“Sorry, what are you sorry for?” I don’t know what I’m sorry for. I don’t feel the need to speak, I don’t feel the need to do anything, but now that my Aunt Lex is here, I feel some hope. She wraps both hands around my right hand and puts it to her chest. “Amy”

“I’m sorry” I say again.

“Say something else, not that, I don’t want to hear that your sorry for nothing” I look into her eyes and try to think of something else to say, I want her to be happy, I don’t want her to beg me to say something.

“I love you” is the only other words I can say.

“I love you to, Amy, you look starving, eat something” she pushes the tray towards me some more and I look down on it.

“Why are they feeding me?”

“Well…………… there not going to starve you to death”


“Come on you, eat something, Im starting to worry about you”

“I don’t get it”

“What don’t you get?”

“They…. Throw me about…. They hit me…. They yell at me………. And there feeding me”

“Well… they kind of have to” I pick up the ham sandwich, I take a bite of it. Heaven. The cold ham, the tase of butter, and the bread is amazing, and I love the crusts. So I don’t have it that bad if there feeding me. I’m grateful for this. I’ll be good, I don’t want to be taken away from Lex. For the rest of my days here I will keep my head down and do what I am told. 

The End

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