Day 1: Naptime: 11.15 AMMature

I'm gripping into my mothers top walking through a crowd of people. I feel so small, so innocent. A gunshot fires in the distance. 

"Mummy!" I yell and grip tighter. 

"It's okay darling, just stick close to me me and Daddy, we'll be home soon" she looks down and smiles at me, that smile. I know everything will be fine. I smile back knowing everything will be fine. 

"Nobody move!!" someone yells. Gunfire. This time, it won't stop. I look about manically. Blood splatters on my clothes, my face. I look down, my mother, my father, lying on the ground, lifeless. I go to my knees and look over them. 

"Mummy?" tears to my eyes. I wipe them with my sleeve. "Daddy?" I look at them both. Their lifeless bodies, the blood. I lie next to my mother and hold her hand. I take my fathers and hold his. I will not let go, I will not move, I will stay here forever. 

People move throughout the crowds of the dead bodies. Running, shouting, screaming, panicking. I close my eyes and grip tighter onto my parents hands and take a deep breath in. I feel the blood dripping down the back of my neck, down the front of my top and in the palms of my hands. My parents dying blood I hold onto. 

I will never again hear them speak, I will never again get to walk with them, sit by the fire at night, eat dinner with them, and I will never again be tucked in at night and be read a story. I want to shake them so much that they will wake up, but no mater what I do, their eyelids stay closed and their limbs don't move. 

So I stay lying in the middle of them holding their hands and no plans to move any time soon. A gun shot in a nearby building, it makes me jump and I grip tighter onto my parents hands - 

"Get up!" a voice yells and a fist hits me in the forehead. The prison cell I wake up in. My face is wet with tears, my heart is beating fast in my chest and I feel so hot. "What's the matter with you?" 

"N - nothing" I stutter. 

"I've told you before, don't stutter, now get up!" she grabs my collar and pulls me up to my feet. "It's lunchtime" she pushes me out of the cell where her friend is standing and the door is shut. "Alright Claire, where d'you come from?" 

"I was behind you the whole time, idiot, too much of dreaming in your own world to take notice" 

"Charming... you got any chains?" 


"Yeah, she needs em" 

"Hmm............ hey Jo! You got any chains?" 

"Sure" Jo, a nearby guard says and throws some chains to her. Claire grabs me, cuffs my right hand, and then my left. I let the chain dangle below me. 

"Let's go you" Beth says and pushes me forward. We walk to a gate ahead to the left which Claire opens and we walk down a black corridor. A door at the end, we walk through it. Lots of dinner benches and women walking around with trays of food. They all stop and turn to look at me, an awkward silence. I hear a tray being slammed on a table which makes me jump and them watch as someone starts walking towards me. A woman, mid 40's, long brown hair hair, a scar from her forehead to her chin and green menacing eyes. 

"Hello Amy" she says and stands in front of me. This is going to be an interesting lunchtime. 

The End

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