Day 1: Life Sentence: 10.30 AMMature

"Beth, you will be her personal officer, you seem to have made good friends with her already" the old woman says. 

"Oh goody" Beth says sarcastically. Beth, I know her name now, the name of my enemy. 

"Make sure you've got Kelly with you at all times........ just in case" 

"In case of what? The girls as soft as a pillow" she slaps me on the cheek and rubs my face,  I feel the intimidation and I hate it so much. 

"Hmm...... cell three...... her new home" she looks up from her computer and looks at me, I look away to the wall behind her. "Does she speak or is she a mute?"

"I dunno" 

"Do you...... speak english?" I clear my throat and cough. 

"Yes" I whisper. 

"Oh..... good..... she does speak, take her, let her out at 12 for lunch" 

"Are you kidding?"

"No, look at her, the poor girl looks starved" 

"Oh come on Andrea"

"Hey, I'm your boss and I'm telling you to let her out at 12, for lunch, you got that?"

"Yeah, fine" my collar  is grabbed and I am picked up. 

"Come back when your done" 

"Alright" the door is opened and we walk out. To the right there is a gate which is opened and we walk through. I look up and see ten floor and lots of cells on each of them. Something catches the corner of my right eye, and I see a gate, through that I see 10 floors again with cells on each floor. Beth puts a hand on my neck which makes me jump. 

"That's level two, if your naughty, you go there, but for now... you go here" she pushes me along. I see cell 1, 2 and then 3. We go over to cell 3. It is unlocked. "So, if you stay good forever, you get to stay here" she uncuffs me and pushes me into the cell. "So enjoy" Good, that's right, I'll be good. Bed at the back of the room, and a gap in the wall, I walk over and look behind, toilet, sink and shower. Cell 3. My new Home. 

The End

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